In an exciting statement by Tim Cook, Apple will launch Vision Pro glasses In China this year. This was in response to a journalist's question at the China Forum in Beijing, that Apple will launch Vision Pro glasses in the Chinese market during this year. It continues its research and development investments within the Chinese market.

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According to Tim Cook, Vision Pro glasses will be released in China this year

Apple CEO Tim Cook confirmed through the press and media in China that Apple will launch Vision Pro glasses in China during this year. In addition to some video clips that confirm that Tim Cook was pointing in the affirmative to all the questions that were revolving around the launch of Vision Pro glasses in China.

It is worth noting that this is the first official confirmation from Apple that its new glasses will be launched in a country other than the United States of America. All of this gives clear justification for Apple's interest in the Chinese market at the present time. It seeks to regain its position in the Chinese market and compete with a company like Huawei.

In the same context, Apple Glasses were first launched last February at a price of $3500 in the United States of America. But in China it will undoubtedly be different. As Apple will have strong competition with PICO within the Chinese market.

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What are the reasons for Tim Cook's visit to China?

The purpose of the Apple CEO's visit was to attend the China Development Forum, which was held in Beijing. In addition, Tim Cook visited the Jing'an store that opened in Shanghai recently.

In a related context, Apple's sales in China decreased by 13% during the last quarter of 2023. This is due to the intense competition that Apple is exposed to from companies such as Huawei, which has returned to competition in a terrifying way.

But despite all this, Tim Cook took advantage of his presence in China. In addition, he indicated that Apple is committed with all its energy to the Chinese market. As he stated

Cook said, “I love China and I am very optimistic about China, and every time I visit China, I remind myself that nothing is impossible here.” All of this is a clear message to the whole world that Apple will not accept a decline in its sales in the Chinese market. Rather, it will try to regain its position again.

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What do you think about the launch of Vision Pro glasses in China, and do you hope that they will be launched in your country? Do you see it as a smart move to increase sales of Apple Glasses? Are you still excited about Apple Glass? Tell us in the comments.



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