A month after the release of iOS 17.3, Apple released the iOS 17.4 update, which has many advantages for iPhone users around the world. In addition, the update was not only about providing new features. Rather, Apple has provided many improvements, both at the technical and organizational levels. Here are all the features of the iOS 17.4 update in this article, God willing.

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Features of iOS 17.4 update from Apple

In the first part we talked about improvements andFeatures that Apple released to users in iOS 17.4 update. Among the most important of them were the new features in the Podcast application, the addition of new emojis, and the changes that Apple made in the battery department.

But in the same context, we will highlight some of the new features that Apple introduced in the new update, such as the ability to use Siri to read incoming messages, provide an “NFC” payment option, secure the Messages application, use Siri to read and send messages, and others. We will discuss all these features and improvements in the following paragraphs, God willing.

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Providing ways to make payments

Apple has provided more ways to make payments within applications, in order to facilitate its users within the European Union countries. As it added a new option, if you choose Settings, then click Privacy and Security, you will notice that there is an option for “NFC” or “Contactless Connection”. Next, you'll be taken to a large page with a small disclaimer that states that the page will display apps that have requested the ability to use contactless or NFC payments. It is worth noting that this feature is available to European Union users only. There is no clear indication of when this option will be available to other users around the world.

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More security for iMessage

With the latest update to iOS 17.4, Apple's Messages app, or iMessage, received more security protection. Reports indicated that the application has become more protected and secure against electronic attacks that include quantum computing.

To clarify, quantum computing is a new technology based on the rules of quantum mechanics. Some believe that this technology is capable of breaking data encryption. Therefore, Apple decided to avoid surprises and protect the messaging application from such electronic attacks.

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Relying on Siri to send messages

Siri is now able to send messages in more than one language. You can try this by going to Settings, choose Siri and Search. You will see the option to “Message with Siri” instead of sending automatic messages. Once you tap Add language, you'll be able to send messages via Siri in multiple languages.

Apple noted that Siri can now read messages in all available languages, but that will not change the primary language in which Siri can respond.

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A new Apple CarPlay experience

With the iOS 17.4 update, cars that support Apple CarPlay will display new map panels. This will make it easier for you to use Apple Maps while on the road. Apple indicated that cars that support Apple CarPlay will provide a new experience by displaying information about upcoming maneuvers. Users can also switch the desired display type between the home screens and the dashboard by clicking on the map configuration button located at the top.

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Miscellaneous improvements added by Apple in iOS 17.4 update

  • Apple has resolved the issue with contact photos appearing blank in the Find My app.
  • Eliminate the Dual SIM issue where the phone number changes from primary to secondary.
  • You can now use Apple Cash, even in places that don't accept Apple Pay. This is done by entering the virtual card number from the wallet or via Safari AutoFill.
  • Identify the caller easily, as you can determine the source of the calls, such as the company name, logo, and department name, if available.
  • Ability to recognize music and add tracks to your Apple Music or Apple Music Classic library.

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What do you think of the improvements and new features in the iOS 17.4 update? What features are you waiting for in the next Apple update? Tell us in the comments.



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