Apple is considered the most famous and richest brand in the world, and it was the first company with a market value of $3 trillion, but this did not come from nowhere, as its products attract, most notably... IPhoneMany people everywhere in the world, and in the following lines, let us learn about Apple’s extreme wealth and answer a question that many people want to know the answer to, which is how much does Apple earn per minute?

From, the Apple logo surrounded by scattered hundred dollar bills earns the little one.

How does Apple make its money?

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Apple was founded in 1976 and went public in late 1980. It sold Macintosh computers as well as the iMac. Around 2007, it expanded its product range to include music players, smartphones, and tablets (iPod, iPhone, and iPad). Today, the company offers a wide range of wearable devices and accessories, in addition to a number of great services that generate billions of dollars annually.

Of Apple's revenue of $383 billion last year, about $200 billion came from iPhone sales, while nearly $40 billion came from wearables and accessories and less than $30 billion came from Mac sales. Its three largest markets are North America (about 40% of its revenues come from the United States), Europe, and China. Below are the annual revenues and revenue per minute over the past five years:

From, a table showing Apple's annual US dollar revenue for fiscal years 2019 to 2023, with the amounts steadily increasing each year.

How much does Apple earn every minute?

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Revenues do not express Apple's real profit, but rather net income is what the company earns after deducting various expenses, which include taxes, marketing, transportation, shipping, and the supply chain. As the iPhone maker's revenue has mostly grown in recent years, its operating expenses have also grown. At the end of 2019, total quarterly operating expenses amounted to approximately $2.11 billion. The number rose to $8.49 billion recently, and here is a look at Apple's annual net income and net income per minute over the past five years:

From, a table showing the company's annual net income for five fiscal years with increasing amounts from 2019 to 2023, presented in English and Arabic. The table displays the exact financial growth for

Thus, we have reached the end of our article after learning how much dollars Apple earns per minute. The number is undoubtedly shocking to many of our visitors, but this is the case with large companies that offer a diverse and attractive range of high-quality products and services.

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