In an update iOS 17The iPhone has a built-in text-to-speech feature called “Live Speech,” and it comes with a great additional feature called Personal Voice where you can create a digital copy of your personal voice for the Live Speech tool to use when converting text to speech instead of using default voices. Instead of hearing a robotic voice when you convert text to speech, you'll hear your real voice (in English only) if you set up Personal Voice, which makes the text-to-speech experience more realistic.

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Apple created Personal Voice for users who are at risk of losing their ability to speak or have other conditions that can gradually affect the ability to speak. She was the subject of a poignant and emotional video produced by Apple called “The Lost Voice.”


How to set up Live Speech and create your Personal Voice

Firstly upgrade to iOS 17 update.

Live Speech and Personal Voice are both included in iOS 17. If you haven't upgraded your phone in a while, go to Settings > General > Software Update To make sure you get the update.

Turn on Live Speech in Accessibility settings

Go to Settings > Accessibility > Live Speech (down the page). Enable “live speech".

Click three times on the side power button to convert text to speech

To use Live Speech, tap three times on the side button (the power button) on your iPhone. (On an older iPhone, tap three times on the Home button.) If a list of options appears, select Live Speech. A keyboard will appear. Type what you want to say and press “Send.” The iPhone will play what you entered through the speakers. Words will be highlighted word by word as they are spoken.

Add favorite phrases for quick access

in Settings > Accessibility > Live SpeechClick on “Favorite Phrases”. Click on the “+” icon at the top to add a new phrase. The phrases you add here will be easier to choose; You won't have to write it every time. For example, if you have a pet, it may be appropriate to add phrases like “May God’s peace, mercy, and blessings be upon you,” “How’s it going,” or “I’ll talk to you later” for immediate access. To access your favorite phrases, activate Live Speech, tap Phrases in the pop-up menu, and tap any of them to play it.

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Record your Personal Voice

In the Live Speech settings, you can choose a voice from classic Siri or Mac OS voices. But the real groundbreaking feature is creating a Personal Voice. This allows you to digitize your voice so that iPhone text-to-speech sounds like it's actually coming from you. Go back and click Personal Voice > Create Personal Voice. In a quiet place, talk without interruption for approximately 15-60 minutes. Just follow the on-screen instructions and read it out loud.

Then let the iPhone handle the command (make sure it's charged or connect it to the charger), as it needs to convert all your recordings into a dynamic digital model of your voice. This may take an hour or more.

Set Live Speech to use your Personal Voice

come back to me Settings > Accessibility > Live Speech And you'll find a new option to use your Personal Voice instead of other ready-made voices. Click the play button to hear a quick preview; Then click on the name to set it.

To activate the feature at any time, press the power button three times in a row

Direct speech during communication

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This feature is really amazing, especially during a call. All you have to do is press three times on the power button, then choose Live Speech and write what you want to say, and the other voice will hear your voice if the text is in English or Siri if it is in another language. The feature is very wonderful for those who are speechless. And also the idea of ​​using it if privacy is important to you, and you do not want the other party to know your identity. Try it, it's also fun to joke around with friends.

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