The eyes of technology lovers around the world are turning to Apple's annual Worldwide Developers Conference, WWDC 2024. Scheduled to be held from June 10 to 14 at Apple Park headquarters, this event promises exciting surprises and new turns in Apple's march towards further innovation and development. Amid high expectations for promising artificial intelligence technologies in the awaited iOS 18 update, and in general, the event this year will shed light on the future of artificial intelligence and its potential in the world of technology.

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Apple's focus on artificial intelligence

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It is no secret that Apple has placed great emphasis on artificial intelligence in the recent period, which is clearly evident through the event invitation and promotional materials that hint at major upgrades in this area. This focus is expected to affect Apple's core applications, the most important of which is Siri, as it is expected to witness radical improvements in its capabilities to learn and adapt to users' behaviors and patterns.

But integrating artificial intelligence into Apple products does not only aim to keep pace with modern technical trends, but also aims to set new standards for what intelligent software can do in providing smarter and more intuitive user experiences. For example, in the iOS 18 update, we may see advanced artificial intelligence features that enable devices to better learn and adapt to user behaviors, facilitating the process of managing tasks, applications, and settings in a more effective way.

Detection of iOS 18 update

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While Apple is still conservative about the details of the new iOS 18 update, leaks and expectations hint at a group of expected new updates and features, the most prominent of which are:

Better Home Screen customizationThe iOS 18 update is expected to provide more flexible customization options for the start screen, allowing users to add their personal touches to the system interface more. We may see the ability to add new widgets and change the size and arrangement of icons on the home screen more freely.

RCS Support: The iOS 18 update is likely to support the RCS (Rich Communication Services) instant messaging protocol, which will improve the messaging experience between iPhone and Android users. Instead of relying on traditional SMS/MMS, users will be able to share multimedia and send instant messages more seamlessly via this modern protocol.

New user accessibility features: Apple is committed to making its products accessible to everyone. Apple may be adding a new hearing aid mode to the AirPods Pro, making it easier for the hearing impaired to better use these headphones. We may also see improvements in features such as VoiceOver, text zoom, and voice control to help users with disabilities.

Other advantages: Such as improvements in battery management and overall system performance, better control over privacy and data features, and perhaps some unexpected surprises that we are used to from Apple at every developer conference.

Hardware updates

Although the developer conference mainly focuses on the software side, there are expectations that some updates in the hardware area may be revealed as well. According to some leaks, we may see the launch of new iPad models, updates to the MacBook product line, or even a new HomePod device for the smart home.

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A unique attendance experience

WWDC 2024 is adding a special touch to the attendee experience this year, giving developers and those interested the option to attend the events either in person at Apple Park or via live streaming online. This flexible approach shows Apple's commitment to the developer community and its desire to make the event accessible to all of them.

For those who attend in person, the experience will be exceptional and will give them the opportunity to enjoy the atmosphere of Apple headquarters and watch the presentations up close. As for those watching via the live broadcast, they will enjoy professional coverage that takes them to the heart of the event and enables them to follow the announcements and surprises moment by moment.

A look towards the future

There is no doubt that Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference WWDC 2024 represents an important turning point in the company's journey and in the world of technology in general. With the increasing focus on artificial intelligence and the launch of the new iOS 18 update, Apple is revealing its future vision for smarter and more interactive user experiences.

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As we approach the event, questions are increasing about the extent to which these developments will affect the way we deal with technology in our daily lives. Will artificial intelligence redefine the relationship between humans and machines? How will the new iOS 18 features change the experience of using smartphones? What other surprises might Apple have in store for us?

All of these questions and more will find their answers within a few days when Apple unveils its latest innovations and reveals its future directions to the world. Here on the iPhone Islam website, we will closely follow the conference’s activities and events, moment by moment, before and after, so that you do not miss anything.

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