What's the last thing you do every night before you go to sleep? The answer is simple, charge a device IPhone So the battery is full when we wake up in the morning. According to Apple, it seems that what we are doing is not right, as it warned its users that charging their devices overnight has serious consequences, and this habit must be stopped.

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Charging the iPhone at night

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Through the important safety information page on the iPhone, Apple warned its users against charging at night, and recommended avoiding sleeping on the device, power adapter, or wireless charger, or placing the phone under a cover, pillow, or body while it is connected to a power source. It also advised its users to keep the iPhone, power adapter, and any wireless charger in a well-ventilated area during use or charging. In addition, be very careful if you suffer from a medical condition that affects your ability to sense heat in the body. Apple's warning comes at a time when fires are occurring due to an iPhone or any other smartphone being kept under a blanket or pillow while charging.

Charging cable and connector

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Apple's support page covers some tips about the charging cable and connector, and recommends plugging the adapter into a live power outlet to reduce the possibility of injury or damage from overheating. You should also not use the power adapter in wet locations, such as near a sink, washtub, or bathtub. Also do not attempt to connect or disconnect the power adapter when your hands are wet.

Furthermore, Apple warns against using the power adapter and any cables in the following cases:

  • Damage to the combs or power adapter plug.
  • The charging cable is frayed, or damaged in some way.
  • The power adapter has been exposed to excessive moisture.
  • Liquid spilled into the power adapter.
  • The power adapter has fallen or its external structure has been damaged.

According to the company, using damaged cables or chargers, or charging in the presence of moisture, can cause fire, electric shock, injury, or damage to the iPhone or any other property.

Finally, these recommendations and warnings revealed by Apple do not apply to iPhone devices only. Rather, you must adhere to it even if you are an Android user in order to avoid the risk of injury, damage to your smartphone, fire, or damage to any other property.

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