An unpleasant surprise for Apple! Samsung's sales outpace Apple's. According to reports, Apple's smartphone sales declined during the first quarter of 2024. It ranked second behind Samsung, which occupied first place after launching the S24 series of phones. This is not strange for Samsung, as Samsung held the title for years until Apple captured it the previous year, but note that we are talking about the number of phones sold, not profits. On the other hand, Apple informed 614 that their service would end at the beginning of next May. But what is Apple’s motive for this? Follow along with us and we will explain all the details to you, God willing.

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Samsung overtakes Apple during the first quarter of 2024

Reports showed that Samsung surpassed Apple in terms of smartphone sales during the first quarter of 2024. This is based on indicators announced by Counterpoint. Indicators showed that Samsung occupied first place with sales exceeding 19.6 million phones. As for Apple, it came in second place with sales of 17.41 million phones. Thus, Samsung's percentage of phone sales around the world constitutes 20% of global sales, outperforming Apple by approximately 2%.

What happened was a surprise to most analysts around the world, and this is because Apple dominated the smartphone market in 2023. Apple showed overwhelming success in the past world, especially in the last quarter of 2023.

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By 2024, Samsung controlled about 34% of phone sales within Europe. As well as in the United States of America, by 36%. It is worth noting that all of these indicators are somewhat justified for several reasons. The most important of which is that Samsung launched the Galaxy S2024 series of phones at the beginning of 24. Another reason that affected Apple's sales is TReview its sales in the Chinese market. This is a major crisis for Apple, and we have not seen solutions to it on the ground yet.

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Apple lays off 614 employees from the self-driving electric car development department

In an event that surprised everyone, Apple decided to fire 614 employees. This is what she told her employees at the end of March, that the company would lay off the services of its employees at the beginning of next May. Speculation has increased about Apple's intentions regarding this, but sources indicated that the employees who will be laid off are responsible for Self-driving electric car project. These expectations came as a result of the news that Apple decided to cancel its electric car project since last February. Expectations were that all employees responsible for this project would be transferred to the artificial intelligence development department within Apple.

It is worth noting that Apple's official spokesman refused to comment on the news circulating in recent days. It is certainly not easy for employees to provide any details regarding dismissal procedures or the end of their service within Apple. But all the news confirms that the employees who will be laid off are machinery managers, design engineers and instrumentation engineers. We won't have confirmation until Apple says it officially, or an employee agrees to explain what's happening.

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What do you think of Apple's sales decline during the first quarter of 2024? Is this normal due to the diversity of Samsung devices? Tell us in the comments.



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