Apple is heading to Indonesia to manufacture the iPhone, Samsung regains first place againAnd the two iPhone 16 Pro models feature a storage capacity of 256 GB, the launch of the alternative application market AltStore PAL on the iPhone in the European Union, and other exciting news on the sidelines...

News on the sidelines Week Mar 5 - Mar 11

The iPhone 17 Plus will have a smaller screen than the iPhone 15 Plus

From Two iPhones, one face up and one face down, showcasing the front and back designs as of April 2023, focusing on the camera system.

Although there is still approximately more than a year until the release of the iPhone 17, there are rumors circulating about it. According to well-known screen expert Ross Young, the iPhone 17 Plus is expected to come with a smaller screen than the current iPhone 15 Plus with a 6.7-inch screen, which will further distinguish the Plus model from the Pro Max model. At the same time, it is rumored that the iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max will come with larger screens of 6.3 inches and 6.9 inches, respectively, which is 0.2 inches more than the iPhone 15 Pro (6.1 inches) and iPhone 15 Pro Max (6.7 inches)... except The details of the iPhone 17 may change; Because it's still a year and a half away from now.

Launching the AltStore PAL alternative application market on the iPhone in the European Union

From, a smartphone displaying an app store interface with colorful app icons under categories such as “New & Updated” and “Margin News.”

One of the first alternative app stores launched today in the European Union, with developer Riley Testot introducing an app AltStore PAL, an open source and decentralized application for distributing independent developers' applications outside the App Store.

"Open source Since everyone can access the source code to view, modify, and develop it, it is not the private property of a single company or developer. And no central, Which means developers have to promote their apps themselves.

Distributing apps through AltStore is free, but if an app gets more than 1.50 million installs, there will be a fee to Apple. To cover these fees, Testout charges users €XNUMX per year for access to AltStore PAL. This App Store is designed for small, standalone apps that may not fit into Apple's rules. Developers can also earn money through Patreon by offering apps exclusively to their supporters. People in the European Union can download AltStore PAL from AltStore Electronic, but not available outside the European Union.

New voice memos and calculation features in the Notes app in iOS 18

From, two smartphones displaying applications; The left shows an audio recording app, and the right shows a calculator app set to a dark theme in April.

The iOS 18 update is set to introduce some new features to the Notes app, with a particular focus on Voice Memos and Math. First, users will be able to record voice memos directly within the app, eliminating the need to copy and paste recordings from the Voice Memos recording app. Additionally, the iOS 18 update may support displaying mathematical notation within Notes, and will likely integrate with the Calculator app in some way. Along with these updates, macOS 15 is expected to include a redesigned Calculator app.

Apple says “goodbye leather” and hello FineWoven

Apple recently released a new iPhone ad in the UK titled “Goodbye Leather,” highlighting its switch from leather to a fabric material called FineWoven for accessories. While the move was intended to bring environmental benefits, FineWoven accessories have faced significant criticism. Shortly after its launch, customers and the media complained about the fabric's susceptibility to scratches and stains. Additionally, an image has surfaced showing a misaligned USB-C port slot on the FineWven case.

From, a triple-camera smartphone, showing a zoomed-in view of the dusty apple logo on a purple background, was highlighted in news for the week of April 12-18.

The Wall Street Journal's Joanna Stern described her FineWoven case as wearing out quickly, with peeling edges and texture resembling a "rotten banana" after just five months of use. Apple has yet to comment on the criticism surrounding FineWoven, leaving uncertainty about the future of the product line and potential improvements to the material.

The two iPhone 16 Pro models feature a storage capacity of 256 GB

From, Huawei p20 pro vs M3 ultra chip.

The Mac Observer has withdrawn its article and apologized for sharing a false rumor about upcoming iPhone 16 models. Rumors have indicated that the iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max models will start with a storage capacity of at least 256 GB. This change means that both Pro models will offer 256GB, 512GB and 1TB storage options. Historically, iPhone storage capacities have evolved, with 128GB becoming the norm in 2020 with the iPhone 12 Pro. There is also a rumor that the new iPhone models may offer up to 2TB of storage space. In addition, the iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max may have larger screen sizes, providing more space for internal components.

X Platform may charge new users a “small fee” to post, like, and reply

X social media platform, Twitter, reportedly plans to charge new users a small fee for posting content, liking, replying, and bookmarking tweets, according to Elon Musk. These fees are seen as a measure to combat the spread of bots on the platform. The fee, which has been tested in New Zealand and the Philippines, only applies to new users, who must pay it when they sign up or wait three months to sign up to the platform. Updated language on Twitter refers to fees as a way to reduce spam and improve user experience. However, it's not clear how effective this policy is at stopping spam, as spammers can still pay fees or create multiple accounts. Musk also mentioned that writing procedures will be free after the three-month waiting period. The fee is estimated at around $1, as observed in New Zealand.

Elon Musk stated that fake accounts contribute to the exhaustion of available usernames. To address this issue, X has already released over a million usernames and plans to release tens of millions more in the coming weeks. This measure aims to provide more attractive usernames for real users and reduce the spread of fake accounts on the platform.

Samsung regains first place with a decline in iPhone shipments in the first quarter of 2024

From, A close-up of the iPhone 15 camera lens on a blue background with Chinese text promoting technological progress in April 2023.

Apple witnessed a significant decline in global iPhone shipments by 9.6% in the first quarter of 2024, affected by the rapid growth in shipments of competing Chinese companies.

According to the report, Apple's shipments declined to 50.1 million units in the first quarter, compared to 55.4 million units in the same period last year, recording the largest annual decline among the five largest smartphone manufacturers in the report.

On the other hand, Samsung regained its lead in the market that it lost to Apple last year, with a market share of 20.8% and shipments of approximately 60.1 million units as of last year, while its share reached 22.5% during the same period in 2023.

From, a line graph showing the market share of the top 5 smartphone companies worldwide from Q2022 2023 to April XNUMX, with Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi, Transsion and Oppo

In contrast, Apple's market share fell from 20.7% to 17.3% after it overtook Samsung to become the largest smartphone maker for the first time last year.

Apple has faced difficulties in China since the launch of the iPhone 15, a few weeks after the launch of the Huawei Mate 60 series. As well as the ban from some state-owned companies.

From, a table showing the world's top 5 smartphone shipments, market share, and annual growth in the first quarter of 2024, comparing data as of April 2023.

The decline in Apple shipments came at a time when global smartphone shipments in the first quarter rose by 7.8% on an annual basis to 289.4 million units, making it the third consecutive quarter in which the global market witnessed growth in shipments, according to an IDC report.

The first AI features in iOS 18 will not use cloud servers

From, an abstract wallpaper with a glowing app icon showing the number 18, mixing purple, blue and pink tones with light flares during the week of April 12-18, 2023.

The first set of new AI features included in the iOS 18 update are expected to rely entirely on working on the device itself without relying on cloud servers, according to a report from Mark Gurman at Bloomberg. However, Apple may also offer some cloud-based AI features using Google's Gemini or another provider, and is in discussions with companies like Google, OpenAI and Chinese company Baidu for potential partnerships in generative AI. iOS 18 is expected to include new generative AI features for tools like Spotlight Search, Siri, Safari, Messages, Music, Health and Office apps, and will be unveiled at Apple's annual developer conference in June.

Miscellaneous news

◉ Apple launches public beta updates for iOS 17.5 and macOS 14.5. This means that non-developers can install these beta updates by simply clicking on Make beta updates available on the System Updates screen.

◉ Apple received a positive message about the possibility of manufacturing its products in Indonesia, after Tim Cook’s meeting with the Indonesian President, and that there is a common interest with Indonesia in supporting local manufacturing to enhance the country’s economic growth. This step comes as part of Apple's efforts to diversify its supply chain to reduce dependence on China.

This is not all the news on the sidelines, but we brought you the most important of them, and it is not necessary for a non-specialist to occupy himself with every incoming and outgoing, there are more important things that you do in your life, so do not let the devices distract you or distract you from your life and duties, and know that technology exists to make life easier for you And help you with it, and if your life robs you, and you get busy with it, then there is no need for it.


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