WhatsApp continues to amaze its users! All this after I announced WhatsApp platform About some surprises through the latest beta version. The first surprise was that WhatsApp is working on developing a new communication interface that is completely similar to the interface found in communication applications. As for the second surprise, it is the People Nearby feature, which will enable users to transfer files without the need to connect to the Internet. Here are all the details in the following paragraphs, God willing.

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What is the People Nearby feature in WhatsApp?

Currently, WhatsApp is testing a new feature called “People Nearby,” which will be launched in the coming period. The feature is to transfer conversations without the need for the Internet. This feature will make it much easier to share documents or files with any contact you want, even if the Internet is cut off on one or both parties.

The People Nearby feature appeared during the latest beta version of the WhatsApp application for Android. It is very similar to the Nearby Share feature in Android or the AirDrop feature in iOS. People Nearby relies on Bluetooth technology to transfer files offline. In addition, there will be a section within WhatsApp settings that provides you with information about nearby people, with whom you can share files without the need for the Internet.

In order to use the People Nearby feature, you must go to Settings, choose Close People or People Nearby. Then it will automatically search for people close to you, and you can share files with them easily. Note that all files will be subject to end-to-end encryption technology, and the phone number will be hidden during the file transfer process. It is worth noting that up to this time, the WhatsApp platform is still working on developing the feature for Android users. As for iOS users, there is no confirmed information about when it will be officially available.

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WhatsApp is developing a new communication interface

WhatsApp plans appear to users through the trial version! It seems that the WhatsApp platform is working on New communication interface inside the app. There was also a great similarity between the new WhatsApp interface and the traditional communication interface in the communication applications that we are accustomed to.

WhatsApp is testing the new destination through the beta version. The dialing interface appears, consisting of ten buttons for numbers. All with a dedicated call button as we are accustomed to in the usual communication applications. The features of the new interface will appear when you need to call a contact once or twice, as you will not need to add them to your contacts or keep them always; And then make the connection.

It is worth noting that the WhatsApp platform has been working to a great extent during the recent period to develop the communication experience through the application. As evidence of this, the company provided many features over the past year, and this year, such as silencing unknown callers. What concerns WhatsApp is to encourage users to make calls through the application and rely on it completely.

From iPhoneIslam.com, dial pad interface with numbers 0 to 9 and corresponding letters, featuring a green call button at the bottom and a People Nearby feature.

With everything we see from the WhatsApp platform, it confirms that its plans and ambitions in the scope of calls are greater than what we currently see. We may see in the future the possibility of making international calls for nominal amounts and less than the usual prices from telecommunications companies.

In another context, WhatsApp is working to provide a new feature to its followers, which is the “hidden group.” Through this feature, you will be able to create groups and hide them in communities. In addition to allowing only invited members to find the group.

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