You can find a built-in feature in Android phones that allows the user to record calls with ease, but on the contrary, you cannot record a phone call on... IPhone You also find it difficult to find a third-party application in the App Store that provides you with this feature, and if you find it, it is through complex methods, most of which are not available in our countries? The question here is, why doesn't Apple provide the call recording feature on the iPhone?

Record calls on iPhone

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Apple is an American company that abides by the laws of the United States, although some states have different laws than others regarding the legality of recording phone calls. It may be difficult for Apple to accurately track the user's location; Thus, find out whether there is a place where recording calls is legal or not. And to ensure general compliance. Apple does not add call recording to iPhones.

In addition to the laws, Apple also cares about the privacy of users, and is keen to protect it. Therefore, it feels that the call recording feature blatantly violates privacy, as any party may record the call that may contain sensitive information, and therefore the company will never bring that feature to its various devices to protect it. its users.

Additionally, the company has gone the extra mile to ensure that many other third-party apps will have trouble making this happen as well. For example, microphones for screen recorders and audio recorders will generally be disabled.

Why are calls recorded?

You may wonder why your call is being recorded while you're talking to a customer service representative for a company or your bank. It can be said that companies and banks often record phone calls as examples for training their communications staff regarding how to handle certain situations and for managerial reviews of employee performance.

But the key to these calls is to inform the caller of the fact that their call may be recorded. Any caller who does not wish this to happen is free to end the call. So this is where privacy laws really come into play. If the caller is informed of the recording, but does not end the call, this may be considered a form of consent to the recording.

How to record a call on iPhone?

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The recording function is intentionally disabled in all applications and features of the iPhone when you are in a phone call. However, there are some ways in which the call can be recorded on the iPhone. You can rely on the Google Voice application, which allows audio recordings and also allows you Select the device from which the call will be recorded. Moreover, there are a number of paid applications that provide you with the feature of recording any call on the iPhone, such as TapeACall Pro or Acr call recorder, and there is also the Call Recorder and iCall application.

But warningMost of these applications do not work well, and they may not work completely in the Arab world, and registration for them is through complicated methods such that you must combine two calls, the person you are calling and then a phone number sent to you by the application that will end the conversation.


Finally, know, dear reader, that Saudi law stipulates that it is not permissible to watch, monitor, or hear telephone, postal, or telegraphic conversations except by reasoned order and for a limited period by the competent authorities and under their supervision for the purpose of inference and investigation, and not for the general public.

As for Egyptian law, anyone who assaults the private lives of citizens by eavesdropping, recording, or transmitting via any device is punishable by imprisonment. In the case of blackmail and threats, the person is punished with 5 years imprisonment.

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