Although Tim Cook began his opening speech during the Let Loose conference by talking about Apple Vision Pro, describing it as the greatest mixed reality headset ever. However, the event focused entirely on new iPads and accessories, and Apple revealed a new iPad Air and iPad Pro in addition to the Apple Pencil, the Magic Keyboard, and its powerful M4 chip (you can find out everything that was announced from here). In the following lines, let us learn about 7 things that surprised us during the Let Loose iPad launch conference.

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The tenth generation iPad is now cheaper

Something that perhaps no one expected was Apple's announcement that the tenth generation iPad is now cheaper than ever. Instead of launching a new model, Apple decided to take a different strategy, which is to reduce the price of the current model by $100. Thus, the price of the tenth generation iPad now starts at $349 instead of $449 that was launched in 2022.

New Apple Pencil Pro

Everyone expected Apple to launch a new stylus, and this is what it did. It unveiled the Apple Pencil Pro at a price of $129. The new Apple Pencil comes with very important features, including a sensor in the stem of the pen to sense the movement of your fingers when you press it, and then displays a panel that includes tools, colors, and fonts, which can be switched between quickly. The pen also supports the Find My feature so you can find the pen when you don't remember its location.

The thinnest iPad Pro ever

Everyone expected the iPad Pro to get a new processor and a better screen. But no one expected the new iPad to become so much thinner. The thickness of the 11-inch iPad Pro is only 5.3 mm and weighs less than 444 grams, while the thickness of the larger 13-inch model is only 5.1 mm and weighs 113 grams, which is thinner than the smaller model, and is considered the thinnest Apple product ever.

The most expensive iPad Pro

Apple has increased the price of new iPad Pro models by $200. The 11-inch price starts at $999 (instead of $799). While the price of the 13-inch size now starts at $1299 (instead of $1099), if you buy the new iPad with the highest storage capacity of 1 TB, the price of the device will reach about $2000. Perhaps the price increase is due to the use of OLED screens, which come at a higher cost.

New Magic Keyboard

In addition to the new iPads, Apple unveiled a new Magic Keyboard featuring a new design that makes the iPad look like a laptop. The biggest change in the keyboard is that it now has a function row like the Mac, so you will have function keys at the top to perform quick actions like lowering or increasing screen brightness and volume. The keyboard also comes with a larger trackpad to make it easier to control the iPad. The trackpad will also give you great tactile feedback when used. The new Magic Keyboard is compatible with the new iPad Pro models and retails for $299 for the 11-inch model and $349 for the 13-inch model.

M4 chip is more powerful

The biggest surprise during Apple's conference was its new M4 chip, which it presented with the iPad before it reached Mac devices. It can be said that the M4 is a beast when it comes to performance. According to Apple, the M4 chip features up to 50% faster CPU performance compared to the M2 chip found in the previous version of the iPad Pro. It should be noted that there are two different chipsets of the M4. The first comes with a 9-core CPU with three performance cores and six efficiency cores. They will be used on the 256GB and 512GB iPad Pro models. As for the higher M4 chip, it contains a 10-core CPU, four cores for performance and six cores for efficiency, and will be exclusive to the iPad Pro model with a storage capacity of 1 TB or 2 TB. Whatever the case, just using the M4 will make your iPad faster, more powerful and more energy efficient.

The iPad Air is larger

There were already a lot of rumors that Apple would unveil two iPad Air models this year, and this is what they were. It announced two models, the first 11-inch and the second 13-inch, and it comes with a 30% larger screen compared to the 11-inch model. Apple introduced the large model that targets users who are looking for an iPad with a large screen to run several applications at once, or who want a large screen to watch their favorite content without having to pay for the iPad Pro.

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