The Apple Watch helped improve the concept of smart watches and introduced impressive technologies. It provided us with many devices, applications and full functionality in a small size on the wrist. She is good at almost everything. It operates by pairing directly with an iPhone via a Bluetooth connection, allowing users to make or receive phone calls, send text messages, track personal fitness and health goals, and play games, among hundreds of other uses. Since the Apple Watch is at its best when paired with an iPhone, the question is how functional is this watch when the iPhone is not available, or not paired with it? The good thing is that you can use the Apple Watch as more than just a watch when it is not connected to the iPhone. Here's what you need to know about using the Apple Watch without an iPhone.

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Limited set of functions

When you set up the Apple Watch for the first time, you will definitely need an iPhone, and then if the Apple Watch is not connected to the iPhone, you will not have its full functionality. But you can still play any music, podcasts, or audiobooks you've previously downloaded on your Apple Watch, even if you don't have an iPhone. You can also record your thoughts using your favorite note apps or the built-in Voice Memos app. You can also use most calendar functions and record any vital statistics collected during your last fitness workout, but you won't be able to share them.

For your information, the watch also has a built-in GPS that can help you track speeds and distances without the help of your iPhone. But if your Apple Watch is capable of connecting to a cellular network, you'll have some additional functionality, including the ability to make and receive phone calls and text messages.

Through cellular, you can also use Apple Pay to make purchases in stores that support it.

You can also use your Apple Watch to find other people and devices. You can also view photos and view any photo albums synced through your Apple account.

Apple Watch functions when connected to a Wi-Fi network

If the Apple Watch is not connected to the iPhone on a cellular network, the Apple Watch can be used as more than just a watch as well. But in this case you will need to be connected to a Wi-Fi network.

If you're connected to a Wi-Fi network, you can use your Apple Watch for phone calls and FaceTime audio calls, as well as sending and receiving text messages.

You can also connect to the App Store via Wi-Fi, which means you can buy and download all the health tracking apps you want.

The Wi-Fi connection also gives the Apple Watch access to iMusic, which means you can add any music, podcasts or audiobooks you're listening to. You can also stream content to your preferred streaming service.

Connecting to a Wi-Fi network will also allow Apple Watch owners to run routine apps, such as weather apps, stocks, and more. It can also access any apps and devices currently used to control a smart home.

So, even if you don't have an iPhone, the Apple Watch is still an extremely valuable piece of personal technology. But remember, you still need an iPhone the first time you set up the watch, and the watch must remain paired with this iPhone even if you don't have it with you.

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