Apple is currently making many additions and modifications to its Safari browser IOS 18. These additions will also include modifications to the user interface and some features for blocking or removing content. With all of this, Apple offers a new feature, which is Intelligent Search, and the feature is completely based on artificial intelligence. In this article, here are all the details about the Safari browser in iOS 18 and the new artificial intelligence additions that Apple will provide to its users.

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Safari browser in iOS 18 will come with a new look and superior features

Apple is working to introduce the Safari browser in a new form through the iOS 18 system. It is expected that Apple will call it Safari 18. As for its release date, it will most likely be officially released later in 2024, God willing. It will be released for iOS 18 and macOS 15.

All Apple is currently concerned about is providing Safari 18 with a distinctive experience for users through a new interface and a set of new features such as smart search, web eraser and content summarization tools that rely entirely on artificial intelligence. In the coming paragraphs, we will explain to you all the new features and additions in the Safari browser in iOS 18.

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What is Smart Search in Safari 18?

Apple intends to add some artificial intelligence mechanisms that will help users identify or summarize important topics within the Safari web page. The smart search feature also relies on the Ajax language learning model in order to identify elements within a web page correctly and accurately, and then identify and summarize the content.

In the same context, some indicate that the smart search feature will be a strong response from Apple to Apple’s competing generative artificial intelligence tools, such as Open AI’s ChatGPT. For your information, the Smart Search feature is not automatically available on the beta version of iOS 18, but it needs to be activated manually through the controls within the pages.

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Web eraser feature

Apple is working on introducing a new feature dedicated to allowing users to remove any part of a web page. In other words, in case you want to erase or remove any part you don't want in the web page like ads, images or even sections within the page, then you can easily do it using the web eraser feature.

What's amazing here is that the feature will not forget things that you wanted to erase in the past. Rather, the web eraser will record all the things that you wanted to remove, and when you access the web page again, the Safari browser will suggest that you remove the things that you do not like. You can also restore what you removed again if you want.

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Visual search feature or Visual Lookup

Apple introduces a new feature in the Safari 18 browser, through which you will be able to get the elements in the photos. This feature is not new to Apple, as there is a Visual Lookup feature in its Photos application. Using it, the visual search feature can identify animals, plants or even well-known landmarks.

However, this feature is not likely to appear during the year 2024. This is because it is still in the initial development stage, and Apple is trying to present it in an impressive way to users. It is expected that the visual search feature, or Visual Lookup, will be introduced in the coming year 2025, God willing.

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Apple introduces a new control menu in the Safari browser

On top of all of the above, Apple will introduce a new control menu in the Safari browser in iOS 18. It will be in the address bar of web pages, and through it you will have quick access to a wide range of pre-existing options. For example, page zoom, privacy control options, content blocking and finally the artificial intelligence tools that were mentioned. It is not unlikely that Apple will introduce some new features or tools to the Safari browser in iOS 18 in the future. But we mentioned to you the latest findings from the sources and what was reported in the news.

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What do you think of the features of the Safari browser in iOS 18? What is the most striking feature? Tell us in the comments.



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