Apple announces profits for the second quarter of 2024, and iPhone 16 models will come in new colors, andThe new iPad Pro With the highest specifications, it costs more than $3000, and compatibility with Apple Pencils after the launch of the new iPad Pro and iPad Air, and the iPad Pro 2024 lacks features that came in previous iPad Pro devices, and other exciting news on the sidelines...

News on the sidelines Week Mar 5 - Mar 11

New iPads do not come with Apple stickers in the box

In accordance with Apple's trend to completely remove plastic from its product packaging, the new iPads did not include any Apple stickers, but they can be obtained when purchasing from the store. This step comes from Apple's efforts to achieve plastic-free packaging by 2025. Apple will also no longer include any labels with other devices such as the Apple Vision Pro glasses.

Apple created these five different designs for the Apple Pencil Pro case

In addition to new features such as tap gesture, motion sensing, and “Find My” support, the new Apple Pencil Pro comes with a new case design. Apple offers five different designs, with the word “Pro” written in unique patterns. When you purchase the pen, you will receive one of these five boxes at random.

The main new features of the pen include the ability to press it to reveal the tool panel, the presence of a motion sensor for precise control of drawing tools and brushes, haptic feedback for some actions, and the ability to find the pen using the “Find My” application if it is lost.

The Apple Pencil Pro retails for $129, and is only compatible with the new iPad Pro and iPad Air. You can book it now, and it will be launched on May 15.

The iPod Nano appears in Apple's advertisement for the thinner iPad Pro

The new iPad Pro has displaced the iPod Nano from the throne of the thinnest Apple devices ever, as the thickness of the new iPad Pro is only 5.1 mm compared to 5.4 mm for the seventh generation iPod Nano that was launched in 2012 and which was discontinued. Apple announced its production in 2017. In an announcement on various social media platforms, Apple highlighted the thinness of the new iPad Pro design, as the thickness of the 11-inch iPad Pro is only 5.3 mm, while the thickness of the 13-inch iPad Pro is only 5.1 mm. Maintaining the strength of the previous design, the iPad Pro 11-inch weighs less than a pound and the iPad Pro 13-inch is a quarter of a pound lighter than its predecessor. The new iPad Pro models can be ordered now and will be launched on May 15.

The 2024 iPads still have up to 10 hours of battery life

Despite the addition of new, more efficient processors, the new iPad Pro and iPad Air still offer the same 10-hour battery life as previous iPads. Despite the M4's advanced processor and more efficient display, they did not provide additional battery life for the device.

The 11-inch iPad Pro has a 31.29 watt-hour battery, up from 28.65 watt-hours over the previous generation, while the 13-inch iPad Pro has a 38.99 watt-hour battery, down from 40.88 watt-hours.

As for the iPad Air, the 11-inch model contains a 28.93 watt-hour battery, a slight increase of 28.6 watt-hours over the previous 10.9-inch version. The 13-inch model has a 36.59 watt-hour battery.

Apple says the iPad Pro and iPad Air last up to 10 hours when browsing the Internet over Wi-Fi or watching video, but that drops to 9 hours when browsing using a cellular data network.

The new iPad Pro lacks mmWave 5G technology and the ultra-wide camera

The new iPad Pro models lack two important features found in the previous two generations of iPad Pro, which are mmWave 5G support (in the United States only), and an ultra-wide camera. It only supports 6 GHz bands for 5G networks, except for mmWave support. mmWave 5G delivers very high speeds over short distances, which is ideal for cities. While sub-5GHz 6G is slower but reaches farther, and is better for rural and suburban areas.

The new models also lack the 10-megapixel ultra-wide rear camera (present in the last three generations of iPad Pro), opting for a 12-megapixel wide rear camera instead. Additionally, it only supports eSIM for cellular connectivity, with no physical SIM card slot.

Apple did not explain the reason for these changes, but it may have been done to reduce costs as much as possible and exploit them for the benefit of the screen, processor, and design.

Apple Pencil compatibility after the launch of the new iPad Pro and iPad Air

With the launch of the new iPad Air and iPad Pro devices, Apple introduced the new “Apple Pencil Pro,” and did not stop producing any of the previous Apple Pencils, which means that there are now four Apple Pencils to choose from. But not all of them are compatible with devices.

The updated 2024 iPad Pro and iPad Air devices are compatible with the Apple Pencil Pro and Apple Pencil USB-C, but they do not work with the Apple Pencil 2. Older iPads also cannot work with the new Apple Pencil Pro.

The Apple Pencil Pro and Apple Pencil 2 each retail for $129, while the Apple Pencil 1 retails for $99 and the Apple Pencil USB-C retails for $79.

Compared to older Apple Pencils, the Apple Pencil Pro supports tap and swivel gestures, haptic feedback, and a “Find My” feature to find it when it’s lost.

A new iPad Pro with all the options costs more than $3000

The top-spec 2024-inch iPad Pro 13 model costs more than $3000 when fully equipped with all available options and accessories. This amount can be distributed as follows:

◉ Starting price is $1299.

◉ 2TB storage space costs more than $1000.

◉ Equipped with nano glass, it costs more than $100.

◉ Wi-Fi + Cellular costs more than $200.

◉ Apple Pencil Pro, priced at $129.

◉ Magic Keyboard, priced at $349.

Thus, the maximum cost of the 13-inch iPad Pro is $2599, but with the addition of the Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard, the total cost reaches $3077, which is considered a new record for the iPad.

It is rumored that the iPhone 16 models will come in new colors

It is rumored that the iPhone 16 will come in a range of new colors. Below are all the expected colors so far for the four models: iPhone 16, iPhone 16 Plus, iPhone 16 Pro, and iPhone 16 Pro Max.

One rumor indicates that the iPhone 16 Plus model may come in up to 7 new colors, including the five current colors of the iPhone 15, or new versions of them. Expected colors include blue, pink, yellow, green, black, white, and purple.

Similar to previous versions, Apple is expected to offer 4 colors for the iPhone Pro models. Leaks indicate that the titanium blue color will be replaced by a “titanium pink” color, and the titanium black color will be replaced by a “space black” color. Apple may also introduce new shades of natural titanium and titanium white.

It is noteworthy that some leaks talk about improved manufacturing processes for titanium colors, which will give them a more shiny appearance and resistance to scratches compared to the iPhone 15 Pro models.

Apple's earnings for the second quarter of 2024

Today, Apple held its audio conference about its revenues for the second fiscal quarter of 2024 (the first quarter of the calendar year), where Tim Cook and Luca Mastri, Apple's chief financial officer, provided some details about the company's performance, sales of Vision Pro glasses, service growth, artificial intelligence plans, and other topics.

This quarter, Apple generated revenues of $90.8 billion and net profits of $23.6 billion, compared to revenues of $94.8 billion and profits of $24.1 billion in the same period last year.

Services revenue hit a new record at $23.9 billion, but iPhone revenue fell by more than $5 billion. Gross margin was 46.6%.

Apple's board of directors announced an increase in the stock buyback program by $110 billion, and raised dividends to $0.25 per share.

Here are the highlights from the earnings conference:

Generative artificial intelligence

Cook said Apple is making “significant investments” in artificial intelligence, and that it has “very exciting and exciting things going.”

Digital Markets Law

Cook said it was too early to determine the security risks and privacy implications of the changes it made to Europe's app system. Apple is focused on compliance while mitigating impacts on users' privacy and security.

Apple Vision Pro glasses

Cook said there are leading companies that have invested in Vision Pro, and Apple sees it being used for things like aircraft engine maintenance, real-time collaboration for races, designs, and more. This makes the use of spatial computing in the business world even more exciting.


Apple Services set a new revenue record of $23.9 billion, up 14% from $20.9 billion in the same quarter the previous year.

Mac sales

With the launch of new MacBook Air models with the M3 processor in March, Mac revenues rose to $7.5 billion. Mac sales were $7.17 billion in the same quarter of the previous year, a growth of 4%.

iPad sales

iPad revenues continued to decline with no new iPads being launched in this quarter of 2024. iPad revenues reached $5.6 billion, down 17% from $6.7 billion a year ago. iPad sales are expected to improve in the next quarter after the announcement of the iPad Air and iPad Pro 2024 models.

Wearable products

Wearables, home and accessories revenue was $7.9 billion, down 10% compared to last year. in the last year.

June fiscal quarter

Maestri said revenues for the June quarter are expected to grow in the low single digits year over year, but services are expected to grow in double digits, as is the case with iPad revenue‌.

Miscellaneous news

◉ Apple releases the candidate versions of the iOS 17.5 and iPadOS 17.5 updates, the second version of the candidate version of the watchOS 10.5 update, and tvOS 17.5 to developers

◉ In a new leak by an analyst who has contacts with the Asian supply chain, about the iPhone 17, it is said that it will come with 12 GB RAM for the iPhone 17 Pro and iPhone 17 Pro Max models, while the rest of the standard models will contain 8 GB RAM. In addition, the iPhone 17 Pro Max is expected to have a smaller dynamic island.

◉ According to analyst Jeff Poe, the first foldable Apple devices are expected to enter the mass production stage during the years 2025 and 2026. The company will begin by offering a large foldable iPad or MacBook before launching a foldable iPhone targeting an upscale segment of users. It is expected that production of the first device with a 20.3-inch screen will begin in late 2025, while it is believed that the foldable iPhone will come with a 7.9- or 8.3-inch screen and may appear in late 2026.

◉ Screen analyst Ross Young claims that the iPhone 17 Plus or “Slim” will come with a slightly smaller screen measuring 6.55 inches, compared to the 6.69 inches in the previous and current Plus versions. This size helps distinguish it from the Pro Max version while maintaining the advantage of a larger screen than the Standard and Pro versions.

◉ According to leaked renders, the iPhone 16 may have thinner MagSafe magnets compared to the iPhone 15. This will likely lead to faster charging speeds that may reach 20 watts instead of the current 15 watts.

This is not all the news on the sidelines, but we brought you the most important of them, and it is not necessary for a non-specialist to occupy himself with every incoming and outgoing, there are more important things that you do in your life, so do not let the devices distract you or distract you from your life and duties, and know that technology exists to make life easier for you And help you with it, and if your life robs you, and you get busy with it, then there is no need for it.


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