During the Let Loose event that took place a few days ago (you can find out everything that came out at the conference from here), Apple unveiled a new iPad Pro with a screen it described as the most advanced in the world and a new stylus, in addition to its amazing M4 chip, which it said represents a qualitative leap in performance. But as usual, Apple did not talk about a very important point, which is that all iPad Pro models may work with the same new chip, but they are not the same. On the page announcing the new iPad Pro, Apple wrote at the end of the page two lines in small font in which it said that the new device with a storage capacity of 256 and 512 GB includes an M4 chip with a central processing unit with 9 cores, while the models with a storage capacity of 1 and 2 TB include the same chip. , but with a central processing unit with 10 cores. But what does this mean? During the following lines, we will review secrets that Apple did not reveal about the iPad Pro 2024.

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New chip with restrictions

Only the 1TB and 2TB iPad Pro models come with a 10-core CPU along with 16GB of RAM. While the 256GB and 512GB models are limited to a nine-core CPU and 8GB of RAM.

How could this not be obvious upon purchase, and why did Apple hide this? Memory is doubled when purchasing an iPad Pro with a capacity of 1 TB or 2 TB.

Imagine paying $1199 for an 11-inch 512GB iPad Pro that runs on 8GB of RAM with a processor that is not the most powerful. And if your work requires a larger screen, even $1499 for a 13GB 512-inch iPad Pro will be the same: you'll have 8GB of RAM and the nine-core version of the M4.

You might say that the difference is small, just one core less, but it is a performance core, not an efficiency core, and the performance cores are responsible for running heavy and creative tasks. Therefore, in order to get the ten cores in the M4, you will need a capacity of 1 TB, and pay at least $ 1599 to buy the 11-inch model with 16 GB RAM. If you decide to buy the 13-inch model, you will pay $1899 to have the same specifications.

More costs

It won't stop there, there are still more costs you have to pay to get the most out of your new tablet. If you're buying an iPad Pro alongside the new Magic Keyboard, the price is $299 for the 11-inch model and $349 for the 13-inch model. Thus, the total you will pay is $1500 for an 11-inch 512GB iPad Pro with Magic Keyboard, and you will not end up getting all of the cores in the M4. You should also realize that we didn't talk about the additional cost. If you decide to buy the Wi-Fi + cellular model, then you will pay an additional $200. So the whole total is $1700 for a tablet that's not even the highest.

Not every change adds value

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Apple introduced some changes in the new iPad Pro, such as a faster chip and an OLED screen coupled with a thinner body, and although this means a higher price, you must keep in mind that every change does not necessarily mean adding value. The thinness that makes the device reach 5.3 mm thickness will not offer you many advantages. As for the display, it's nice to have your eyes looking at an OLED screen, but this will help deliver more productivity. You might say the new chip runs 50% faster than the M2, but that only happens on selective tasks.

Also, Apple said that the M4 chip supports hardware-accelerated ray tracing technology for the first time in an iPad. According to the company, ray tracing models the properties of light as it interacts with the scene, allowing games and even apps to create extremely realistic and physically accurate images. It's great, isn't it, but what you don't know is that there are only about a dozen iPad games that can take advantage of this technology right now.

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 Finally, are you planning to upgrade, or thinking about buying a new iPad Pro with the M4 chip? If you are still hesitant, all you have to do is use the iPad model comparison page provided by Camel Make a comparison between the iPad Pro with the M4 chip and the third- and fourth-generation iPad Pro, and take a close look at the specifications and capabilities provided by these models. You will find that the specifications are completely identical and the differences are very minimal.

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