Apple is preparing to hold its first event of the year on Tuesday, and the focus will be on models New iPadH. The iPad Pro and iPad Air models are scheduled to be updated, and Apple also plans to renew some iPad accessories. In this article, we give you details about everything we expect to see at the “Let Loose” event that will be held today.

From, a promotional graphic for Apple's May 7, 2024 event, showing a laptop with an abstract artistic background and a multicolored logo. Includes text

IPad Pro

From, Hands hold a tablet displaying "pro24" on screen at an Apple event in a modern interior setting.

The iPad Pro models will be the main highlight of Apple's event, as they will feature the following:

◉ It will have larger OLED displays for the first time, which feature darker blacks, better contrast, more vibrant colors, and higher energy efficiency.

Apple will reportedly use “the best OLED displays on the market” with higher brightness, extended bar life, support for refresh rates of up to 120 Hz ProMotion, and extended battery life. OLED screens allow each pixel to be controlled individually, so content appears high-contrast and more realistic and vibrant.

◉ The iPad Pro models will be available in sizes 11.1 inches and 12.9 inches, and both will be thinner with thinner edges. The 11.1-inch iPad Pro is expected to be 5.1 mm thick, down from 5.9 mm, while the 12.9-inch model will be 5 mm thick, down from 6.4 mm. These devices will be approximately the same size as current models, with slight changes in length and width.

◉ It is not entirely clear which M series processor the iPad Pro will use, and there is a possibility that these will be the first devices equipped with the new M4 processors focused on artificial intelligence. If not, Apple will use the M3 chip found in the iMac and MacBook Air. In any case, this would be a huge improvement.

◉ In addition to the thin bezels, the front camera in the iPad Pro is expected to be moved to the side instead of the top, that is, in the horizontal direction. This makes more sense for video calls and photography when the iPad is used with a keyboard.

◉ There were rumors about the possibility of supporting MagSafe charging and a storage capacity of up to 4 TB, and we may also see a price increase due to OLED screens, and the rumors ranged from an increase of $160 to $700 more than the current price.

iPad Air‌

From, an infographic of a tablet showing its 12.9-inch screen size on a vibrant purple and pink background, set for Apple's May 7 event

The iPad Air will also get an update, and for the first time, Apple will launch two models. The first model of the iPad Air will be an updated version of the current version, measuring 10.9 inches. The second model will come in a size of 12.9 inches, similar to the technology of the iPad Pro.

Providing the iPad Air in two screen sizes will provide an option for those who want a large screen at a more reasonable price than the iPad Pro. The 10.9-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Air will not have an OLED screen like the iPad Pro, but will come with LCD screens, which is why the cost is lower.

We do not expect changes to the design of the iPad Air‌, except for the new, larger size. Both models will look like the iPad Air 4, with an edge-to-edge display, thin bezels, and an aluminum chassis with flat and rounded edges. The iPad Air will be thicker than the iPad Pro.

Leaked iPad Air images indicate the presence of a rear camera with a protrusion in the form of a medicine capsule similar to the expected design of the iPhone 16. The front camera may be rearranged so that it is in the horizontal position.

Although no noticeable design updates are expected, Apple may introduce new color options.

Apple Pencil

The iPad Pro and iPad Air will be accompanied by an updated version of the Apple Pencil 3. It's not clear that there will be any design changes, but it is expected to support haptic feedback for the first time.

It is not yet clear how to use this touch method, but code in the iOS 17.5 update indicates that there is a “tap” gesture through which you can do things like activate different tools and settings.

There have been rumors of interchangeable magnetic tips, but we don't know if this is a feature that will actually come or if it's just a rumor. Integration with Vision Pro glasses is a possibility, and the stylus may work with drawing apps that support Apple's VisionOS system. There is also a possibility that we will see the Apple Pencil in black and white instead of just white.

New Magic Keyboard

From, a modern laptop with a color display and separate keyboard on an orange background, expected at Apple's event in May.

Apple plans to update the Magic Keyboard with a sturdier version made of aluminum and silicone for the “external casing” instead of the polyurethane material used in the current version. Thus, the iPad and keyboard are similar to the MacBook in terms of appearance or function. There will be a larger trackpad similar to the trackpad on a MacBook, so the keyboard will provide a more MacBook-like typing and navigation experience. It will work with the new iPad Pro and Air models.

Because of these new modifications, the keyboard may be more expensive. The current model starts at $299 for the 11-inch version.

Other accessories

Apple regularly revamps accessories like Apple Watch bands and iPhone and iPad cases, offering new color options, and Apple will need to update its iPad cases to match the new designs.

Apple Vision Pro glasses launched in new cities

Rumors indicate that Apple will expand the spread of Vision Pro glasses to include additional countries before the WWDC developer conference in countries such as the United Kingdom, Canada, China, and others, and will announce this during the May 7 event.

Of course, this is not all. We will follow the Apple event closely and provide you with everything new and confirmed **My friend)** We will bring you everything that comes and goes, so all you have to do is follow Islam's iPhone and activate notifications so that you do not miss anything.

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