Tomorrow, God willing, Apple will be held Its 2024th annual developer conference WWDC XNUMX. It will announce updates for iOS 18, iPadOS 18, macOS 15, tvOS 18, watchOS 11, and VisionOS 2. It is expected that no devices will be announced this year, and the focus will be on systems that have been equipped with advanced technologies. Artificial intelligence Based on large language models, this is the technology used by famous chatbots such as ChatGPT, Claude AI, Gemini from Google, Copilot from Microsoft, and others. Here's what to expect at Apple's Developers Conference 2024, based on rumors and reports throughout the year.

From, a promotional image for Apple WWDC 2024, including colorful text highlighting macOS 15, visionOS 2, and various app icons. The Arabic text translates to “What to expect at the Apple Developers Conference keynote.

iOS 18 and iPadOS 18 updates

From, a logo displaying the number 18 in a modern neon gradient design on a black background, surrounded by pale-colored concentric rings. Perfect for displaying at WWDC 2024 or any other tech-focused event like the Worldwide Developers Conference.

All updates will include a wide range of new features supported by artificial intelligence, but we have heard a lot about the iOS 18 update, as due to the additions of artificial intelligence, it will be the largest update we have seen in years on the iOS system. Apple is scheduled to call its artificial intelligence features “Apple Intelligence.”

Apple will offer all AI additions in a beta so you can test them before rolling them out as full features, and they will all be optional. Some AI features will be handled on the device itself, while others will be handled in the cloud, with Apple focusing on security and privacy.

Siri and Spotlight search

From, two app icons on a gradient background, the left icon contains the number 18, the right is a multi-colored star, indicating a major upgrade.

Apple is expected to use large language models (LLMs) to train Siri, which will theoretically lead to significant improvements to it. These massive language models are the backbone on which popular AI applications such as ChatGPT rely.

Rumors indicate that Siri will take on a more spontaneous, human-like conversational nature, with a more natural voice. You'll be able to do more than ever, taking into account people, companies, calendar events, locations, and dates.

Apple plans to give Siri control over features within the apps themselves, so that it can perform specific functions in apps that are not currently possible. For example, Siri will be able to open certain documents, move files from one folder to another, delete an email, edit a photo, and summarize messages, notifications, and articles.

To enable these capabilities, Apple had to restructure Siri's core software. Although Apple will likely showcase these features at its developer conference, Bloomberg's Mark Gurman doesn't think the updated Siri experience will launch with the initial release of the iOS 18 update in September. But it will come in a future version of iOS 18 updates in 2025.

The Siri update will be accompanied by an updated version of Spotlight search on iPhone and iPad, with smarter results and improved categorization.

OpenAI deal

From, A smartphone screen displays the OpenAI logo on a dark, blurred background, reminiscent of a May news headline.

Apple has signed an agreement with OpenAI to integrate ChatGPT technology into iOS 18, because Apple is not currently planning to build its own chatbot. ChatGPT will be an optional feature for iOS 18 and iPadOS 18 users.

Some Apple executives had reservations about integrating a chatbot into the operating system, but Apple went ahead with the move, given the technology's widespread popularity.

New features in applications

Apple is adding AI features to many of its built-in apps, and here's a brief list of the additions we've heard about so far. It is possible that there are other artificial intelligence features that we know nothing about, and Apple will certainly surprise us with them at the conference.

Safari: You will get a safari On the “Smart Search” option, which will use artificial intelligence to identify key topics and phrases on the web page, and provide a summary of them. Apple will update the Quick Access menu, adding some of the features currently found in the Shares window, and there may also be a “Web Eraser” tool that allows users to hide unwanted parts of web pages.

MailThe Mail application will be able to suggest responses to incoming emails through the “Smart Replies” feature, in addition to improving the search and summary option. Mail will also be reorganized and incoming messages will be automatically sorted into categories, similar to Gmail.

Apple Maps: Users can enter and customize paths instead of being limited to the options provided by Apple. Apple could also add support for topographic maps, a feature introduced last year in the watchOS 10 update.

Pictures: Such as removing unwanted objects from photos.

From The photo editing sequence, reminiscent of a demo at WWDC 2024, showcases a tool for removing people in the background from an image. At first, several people stand on the beach. In the final picture, only the girl in the foreground remained.

Music: Automatically generated playlists by artificial intelligence may be an option, and Apple will improve the smooth transition between audio clips, and adjust the duration of the “transition between audio clips.”

Notes: It will support recording directly in the app, converting it to written text, adding more mathematical equations, and creating summaries of notes and recordings.

Voice Memos: As with the Notes app, the Recording app will be able to provide transcripts and summaries of recorded content.

Calendar: It will get integration with Reminders, allowing reminders to be displayed directly in the Calendar app.

Calculator: Apple will bring the Calculator app to the iPad with iPadOS 18.

ShortcutsShortcuts will integrate better with Siri, allowing complex tasks to be created with less effort.

Settings: Apple plans to simplify the Settings app, adding a reorganized user interface for easier navigation. Search in Settings will also be improved.

Not only that, Apple may have a lot of things that we do not know and were not mentioned in any previous rumors.

Home screen and control center

From, the smartphone screen displays home screen icons for different applications such as Settings, Photos, Calendar, Calculator, App Store, Messages, Weather, Notes, Phone, and Health. Excitement is building as users eagerly await the WWDC 2024 keynote where new features will be revealed.

Apple won't be doing a comprehensive redesign on iOS 18, but the Home screen, Control Center, and some in-app elements will be updated. It will offer new features for the home screen and a customizable control center, similar to Cydia tools in the past.

For the home screen:

◉ A new arrangement of application icons, with the ability to add empty spaces, rows, and columns between icons for organization.

◉ Change the colors of app icons, instead of being limited to developer colors.

From, A hand holding a smartphone displays the on-screen color palette widget, with blurred app icons in the background, reminiscent of the innovative display interfaces at the Worldwide Developers Conference.

◉ Modern design inspired by visionOS.

◉ Greater focus on transparency in buttons and other UI elements.

As for the control center:

◉ It will be customizable using drag and drop.

◉ Added new widgets and improved controls for HomeKit products.

These changes are intended to give users more freedom to customize their devices and improve the overall user experience.


From, two iPhone screens showing saved passwords. The left screen displays a list of accounts that have no security issues. The right screen reveals detailed account information with options to set up a verification code, and showcases the privacy improvements highlighted during the WWDC 2024 Foundation Conference.

Apple plans to introduce significant improvements in password management and user security in updates to iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and macOS 15, so that it will provide a standalone application for passwords, which will provide existing features and add new ones such as:

◉ Generate passwords and one-time passcodes.

◉ Access websites using your face or fingerprint instead of passwords.

◉ Automatic data entry into websites and applications when you log in.

◉ Sync data across devices using iCloud Keychain.

◉ Store logins and passwords for websites and Wi-Fi networks.

◉ Allow users to import passwords from third-party applications.

◉ Provide a way to access passwords on Vision Pro glasses and PC.

These changes aim to simplify password management, improve security, and provide a more integrated experience across different Apple devices and even on other systems.


From, three smartphones display different text message conversations with different contacts, displaying texting and message exchange interfaces on white screens. These images capture the essence of modern communications, as seen at WWDC 2024.

There are major improvements to the Messages app, with a focus on AI features and improved communication:

Artificial Intelligence Features:

◉ Better suggested replies for incoming text messages.

◉ The ability to summarize long messages using Siri.

◉ Automatically generate emoji based on message content.

 Interaction improvements:

◉ Tapback interaction icons in new colors.

◉ Support the use of emojis in Tapback responses.

◉ New text effects to animate individual words in the message.

◉ The ability to schedule sending text messages.

Android compatibility:

◉ Improved communication with Android users, adopting the Rich Communications Services (RCS) standard instead of SMS/MMS, so you can send high-resolution photos and videos, share larger files, voice messages, cross-platform emoji interactions, typing indicators, improved group chats, and reading notifications .

◉ Send RCS messages over cellular or Wi-Fi, and for free via Wi-Fi.

These updates aim to improve the messaging experience, enhance productivity, and reduce the gap between iPhone and Android users.


Apple plans to add smarter summaries that summarize notifications you missed while in Focus mode.

Facilitation of use

Apple has already announced several new accessibility features in iOS 18‌. Of which:

Vehicle movement signals

From, a smartphone displays a recipe article next to a simple icon of a car on a white background, reminiscent of the elegant presentations seen at WWDC 2024.

This feature aims to reduce motion sickness when using the iPhone in a moving car. This feature adds moving dots at the edge of the screen that reflect changes in actual motion, reducing the sensory conflict between what a person sees and what they feel while moving.

Eye tracking

From, A person sits at a wooden table, looking at a tablet displaying a colorful home screen with various apps and widgets, including an image of a dog. There is a small potted plant in the background. The tablet screen shows excitement for the upcoming WWDC 2024 conference.

This feature allows users to navigate the iPhone using only their eyes. It uses artificial intelligence and the front-facing camera to determine the user's gaze location, and can be used to activate buttons, swipes, and other gestures.

Musical vibrations

This feature allows the Taptic Engine to generate vibrations and frequencies that match the music. This feature works across millions of songs in Apple Music.

Hearing aid mode

Apple is expected to add a hearing aid mode to the AirPods Pro 2, although Apple is not allowed to market the AirPods Pro as a hearing aid, as that would require special medical approval. But the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) allows the sale of over-the-counter hearing aids or devices to people who do not have severe hearing loss.

Devices that support iOS 18

The ‌iOS 18‌ update is expected to work on all iPhone devices that support ‌iOS 17‌. But some advanced features that rely on artificial intelligence may only be available on iPhone 15 Pro models and later devices.

‌macOS 15‌ update

From The home office setup features a desktop and laptop with a scenic background, white text reading "macOS 15" prominently displayed across the image, likely highlighting an ad from WWDC 2024.

macOS 15 will get many of the AI ​​features found in the iOS 18 update. New features in apps like Messages, Mail, Photos, Notes, Calendar, Calculator and Music will be coming to Macs as well. New Siri features will be added to macOS 15 later.

◉ The calculator will have a design inspired by the Calculator application on the iPhone, with round buttons and an improved unit conversion system.

◉ System settings will be reorganized to bring the most used features to the top of the app.

◉ Mac, iPhone, and iPad will get new wallpapers, and Mac wallpapers will contain references to “old icons and logos.”

◉ Xcode will include an AI coding feature similar to GitHub's Copilot tool.

◉ Apple is expected to launch a new name for ‌macOS 15‌ inspired by California landmarks, such as Redwood, Grizzly, Sequoia, Mammoth, and others.

watchOS 11 update

From, a set of five smartwatches in different band colors and styles, showcasing different watch faces and apps, on a pink and orange gradient background, was seamlessly displayed during the WWDC 2024 conference opener.

Siri on the Apple Watch will be improved to be more compatible with everyday tasks on the go, making it more effective.

◉ Siri will format responses uniquely depending on the type of query.

◉ Updates will include improvements in some applications, such as the Fitness application.

◉ Most of the improvements will focus on making Siri more integrated and effective on the Apple Watch.

tvOS 18 update

Although there are no specific details about the new features of tvOS 18, updates are usually less significant compared to other operating systems. It is believed that Siri's AI-powered updates will extend to the TV system as well.

visionOS 2

From, a close-up of a virtual reality headset resting on a surface with a gradient number 2 overlaid on the right side of the image, a nod to the exciting announcements expected during the opening keynote at WWDC 2024.

visionOS 2 will offer customized versions of Apple apps that were not available in the first version, such as Home, Apple News, Reminders, Voice Memos, and Calendar. Apple will add other features, but no specific details have been mentioned.

◉ Add Live Captions to FaceTime with the option to animate comments in immersive video experiences.

◉ Mindfulness app may get a breathing tracking feature.

◉ Apple Pencil Pro may be supported.

◉ In general, the visionOS 2 update will focus on adding new applications and missing features, in addition to improvements in the user experience such as live feedback and breathing tracking.

Of course, this is not all, as there are other features that Apple will announce, and there are hidden features that users will discover for themselves, and whether this or that, we will provide you with everything new in the iOS 18 update and other updates for other systems and devices.

What are the most important features that you hope to see at WWDC 2024, especially the iOS 18 update? Tell us in the comments.



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