As most of us know, a device IPhone Full of features, some of which we know and Apple tells us about others. But there are other features that Apple does not talk about and leaves us the trouble of searching for and discovering them. In this article, we will learn about a secret feature on the iPhone, which many users do not know about.

From, a close-up of a person's hand holding an iPhone and viewing a web page. The person's other hand points toward the home indicator located at the bottom of the iPhone screen, indicating a secret target they might want to know about.

White line on iPhone

From The bottom of the iPhone screen displays three icons labeled “Recents,” “Shared,” and “Browse.” A red arrow points to a "browse" icon, indicating a secret target.

If you have a recent version of the iPhone, you are certainly familiar with the white line at the bottom of the device's screen that initially appeared with the iPhone Have you ever wondered what this line is and whether it is useful, or did Apple put it to replace the home screen button that it got rid of to give users more screen space?

It can be said that anything on the iPhone has some benefit or purpose. As for the white line that can always be found at the bottom of the iPhone lock screen and which turns gray when you open the device and run an application, it has a secret feature that Apple has not talked about and that many users do not know about.

We all swipe up from the bottom of the screen to the middle in order to see all the applications open on the device and switch between those applications. However, the line at the bottom provides this feature faster.

Thus, if you decide to return again to the last application you used, there is no need to scroll to the middle of the screen, just swipe right or left on the line at the bottom edge of the screen and you will be able to quickly switch between open applications and open the last application you used.

Finally, this feature is useful if you want to go back to the last app you used. If you decide to run another application from the open applications, then the traditional method will be best for you.

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