If you're using AirPods, things are going to get a lot better with iOS 18 and iPadOS 18 updates. And if you're not using them yet, it's finally time to buy one, especially if you're concerned about privacy and gaming.

iOS 17 and iPadOS 17 updates introduced new features for AirPods such as Adaptive Sound, Conversation Awareness, Personal Volume Level, and easy mute and unmute. Now, iOS 18 and iPadOS 18 will further enhance the capabilities of AirPods with a host of innovative features designed to make your interactions smoother, your calls clearer, and your gaming sessions more immersive.

From iPhoneIslam.com A pair of AirPods Pro with an open charging case are displayed on the phone's screen, asking to connect the device. The number 18 is printed on the charging case, indicating its compatibility with the iOS 18 update.

Interactions with Siri

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With updates to iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and macOS Sequoia, AirPods Pro (XNUMXnd generation) will include Siri Interactions. The name may seem strange for a new Siri feature, since everything you do with Siri is already some kind of interaction, whether it's via voice, typing, or touch. But in the next update, the headphones will include another type of interaction, which is “head movements,” and thus they will interact with the AirPods Pro headphones without using the hands.

To answer a question or announcement from Siri while wearing AirPods Pro, just move your head up and down to answer “yes” or move it side to side to answer “no.”

Thanks to machine learning on the H2 chip, these two head movements allow you to answer or reject calls, interact with messages, manage notifications and more, without having to speak.

Sound isolation feature

From iPhoneIslam.com, a smartphone screen showing sound settings options: Standard, Sound Isolation (selected), and Wide Spectrum. The message “Wide Spectrum is currently unavailable” appears at the top of the screen. These options are available with AirPods in iOS 18.

A new feature in the second generation AirPods Pro headphones, which is already available on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac. This feature uses machine learning on the H2 chip to ensure the clarity of your voice by filtering out background noise such as wind or other sounds around you, ensuring that your voice It will come through clearly during calls without any distortion. Whether you're in a crowded café or walking down a noisy street, the sound isolation feature will ensure that the person on the other end hears your voice without any interference from the surrounding environment.

Customized spatial audio in games

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The Custom Spatial Audio feature, which uses the TrueDepth camera, has been available on iPhone since iOS 16. This feature scans your face and ears and creates a spatial audio profile, for a more immersive listening experience with audiovisual content in supported apps like FaceTime.

Once you create a profile, you can use it across all your iCloud-connected devices running iOS 16 or later, as well as updates to iPadOS 16.1, macOS 13, tvOS 16, watchOS 9, or visionOS. This feature works with:

◉ AirPods Pro first and second generation.

◉ AirPods Max.

◉ Third generation AirPods.

◉ And Beats Fit Pro headphones.

◉ Beats Solo 4 headphones.

◉ And Beats Studio Pro headphones.

New in the latest update is support for custom spatial audio and head tracking in games. This means that you will enjoy 3D soundscapes. You will feel as if you are in the middle of the action, with sounds from all directions around you.

Reduce audio latency in games

Nothing spoils your gaming experience like audio lag. With the latest update, AirPods Pro will offer the best wireless audio latency. This means that the delay between your actions and the sound you hear will be almost non-existent, giving you a better immersive gaming experience in the new game mode introduced by Apple.

Improve sound quality in games

AirPods Pro will now support improved audio quality, including 16-bit and 48 kHz audio. This will ensure that your voice comes through clearly and crisply when chatting while gaming.

API for developers for advanced audio design

Apple is also introducing a new API for developers, making it easier for game developers to create immersive audio experiences. This tool will help developers take full advantage of the advanced audio capabilities of AirPods, ensuring your games sound better than ever.

According to Apple, Need for Speed ​​Mobile will be among the first games to take advantage of the new APIs for personal spatial audio.

The future of the AirPods Pro looks great

Apple is constantly raising the bar on the user experience with AirPods with these revolutionary updates. Whether you're making calls, interacting with Siri, or immersing yourself in a game, these new features are designed to make your experiences more enjoyable.

All of these new features will be available via the speaker's firmware update when general updates for the various systems are released.

What do you think of the features of the new AirPods Pro headphones? Tell us in the comments.


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