The Calendar application on the iPhone is a very important tool for any user, so it is assumed that many iPhone users are well aware of its basic functions. Everyone knows how to add an event and set it at the desired time intervals. Through Siri, you may also be aware of how to edit appointments and add contacts to events.

Also in this article we tell you how to add an event to the calendar application during prayer times

There are great things a calendar app can do. Like the time to leave that were added in previous updates, you may have overlooked them and been busy trying out the most prominent updates. Learning more about the iOS Calendar app can boost your productivity and help you get the most out of it. So, here are some features in the app that you might have missed and not paid attention to.

Departure time and travel time notifications

Have you ever scheduled an appointment on your calendar and realized upon exiting that traffic will delay you? Well, Apple has anticipated this and integrated the “Time to Leave” feature into the Calendar app.

 This feature works in coordination with Apple Maps and studies the route to your destination. Real-time traffic will suggest to you via notification the optimal time to leave so you reach your destination on time.

Here's how to use it:

◉ Create a calendar event by tapping the plus (+) icon in the top corner.

◉ Type the address and enter the time (it cannot be an all-day event).

◉ Choose a location by clicking on the “Location & Video Call” box under the address box.

◉ Type a location in the “Enter location or video call” box.

◉ Select the best result from the drop-down menu.

◉ Scroll down, tap “Alert” or “Second Alert,” and choose “Time to Leave.”

◉ Now, you will receive a notification when your iPhone determines the best time to leave.

A similar feature is Travel Time, which calculates the time needed to reach your destination.

Attach documents and invite people to events

If you're hosting something like a professional online meeting, Apple Calendar can be a great place to send invitations and give guests important information about the event. After you send invitations, guests can see the documents you're attaching to your event. It's a good way to ensure everyone in the meeting has access to the meeting notes, spreadsheets, and any other important information that may not be in the event description.

Also, if you have an upcoming vacation or business trip, you can attach flight schedules, hotel reservations, emails, and other relevant files you might need so they don't get lost in your inbox. The steps below show you how to attach files to events in the Calendar app.

Here's how to send invitations and add attachments to events:

◉ Create a new event in the calendar.

◉ Fill in the relevant information.

◉ Click on “Invitees” and choose “Add Invitees.”

◉ Enter the email addresses of the people you want to invite, press Return on the keyboard, or choose names from your contacts. The contacts you invite must have email addresses.

◉ Return to the new event page, scroll to the bottom, and click “Add attachment.”

◉ Find the file you want or click “Browse” in the bottom corner.

◉ Click “Add” when you are finished.

◉ You can add more attachments and are not limited to just one attachment.

Use a different time zone when scheduling events

Determining time zones has become essential in coordinating and planning events. You can also use time zone features in calendar apps to schedule events if you have to travel to another country to attend an event. Apple has its own solution for calendar.

Here's how to use a different time zone to schedule an event:

◉ Create a calendar event by tapping the plus icon + in the top corner.

◉ Select the day of the event by clicking on the date (most likely the current date).

◉ Click on the time button next to the date.

◉ Under the digital time wheel, there is a box called “Time Zone”. Click on the time zone.

◉ Find the city you want and click on it to set the time zone.

◉ Set your time according to that time zone.

◉ The event will appear in the correct time slot for your current time zone, helping you plan dates in other countries.

Set your appointments for prayer times

Apple allows applications to use the Calendar application, and there is a wonderful feature in the To My Prayer application that allows you to create an event at the time of prayer, and not only the time of prayer in your country, but in any city around the world.

From, the Prayer Time app screen displays prayer times for Cairo on Friday, July 5, 2024. A menu also appears with options to create a new event, add it to the calendar, or share the prayer time.

◉ Open the application to my prayers

ElaSalaty: Muslim Prayer Times

◉ Go to the Times tab

◉ Long press at any time to pray

◉ Choose to create an event in the Calendar app

◉ Also in the times tab, you can change the city by clicking the search button above.

After learning about these amazing features in the Calendar app on iPhone, have you tried any of them before? Share your experience with us and tell us in the comments which feature impressed you the most!



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