As the announcement of the iPhone 16 approaches, leaks and rumors continue to paint a clearer picture of what to expect. The latest report from DigiTimes confirms a highly anticipated promotion, where he will inherit IPhone 16 Pro The powerful 5x optical zoom camera of the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

From, a close-up of the back of the iPhone 16 Pro, showing three camera lenses and a metallic finish.

Taiwanese suppliers are preparing to produce the iPhone 16 Pro camera

From, a close-up view shows an outline of the camera lens array with multiple glass and metal elements hung in sequence, suggesting a new rumored iPhone 16 Pro. The background varies from light blue to dark blue.

The DigiTimes report identified Taiwanese companies Largan Precision and Genius Electronic Optical (GSEO) as major suppliers of periscope camera components in the iPhone 16 Pro. Largan, the reliable supplier of iPhone 15 Pro Max lenses, is expected to maintain its leading role. Newcomer GSEO is currently undergoing a rigorous verification and certification process, with production likely to begin in mid-July if their lenses meet Apple's stringent standards.

A big leap in photography

From, A person holds an iPhone 16 Pro, displaying a figurine on its screen. The actual statue appears in the background inside a large building with arched windows and architectural details, and was captured perfectly using the phone's powerful camera or optical zoom.

If these reports are true, iPhone 16 Pro users will get a big jump in photography capabilities. The 5x optical zoom, which was exclusive to the iPhone 15 Pro Max, will allow distant objects to be captured with exceptional clarity. The periscope lens technology is also expected to enhance image stabilization and low-light performance.

Multiple camera upgrades

From, a close-up of the iPhone 16 Pro smartphone camera lens array with a visible sensing element surrounded by multiple lenses in a reflective metal housing, sparking rumors about the camera's advanced optical zoom capabilities.

The iPhone 16 Pro's camera improvements extend beyond its impressive optical zoom capabilities. Rumors indicate that Apple will use Sony's latest dual-layer sensor system for the main lens, which promises improved low-light photography and a wider dynamic range. It is also rumored that the ultra-wide lens will get an upgrade, with the possibility of a 48-megapixel sensor.

Thinner camera design

From Two smartphones, rumored to be the upcoming iPhone 16 Pro, are shown side by side on a gradient background, highlighting their dual camera with optical telephoto camera and sleek design.

For the standard iPhone 16 models, reports indicate a vertical arrangement of the wide and ultra-wide lenses like the one on the iPhone fancy.

Multiple leaks confirm the integration of a periscope lens

These recent rumors were not the only ones that reported the presence of these improvements on the iPhone 16 Pro. News has been circulating that the iPhone 16 Pro will contain a periscope lens for many months. In early 2023, the Korean website “The Elec” was the first to report Apple’s plan to equip both iPhone 16 Pro models with this technology. Screen analyst Ross Young later reinforced these speculations, noting that the larger screen size of the iPhone 16 Pro may accommodate the additional components needed for the periscope lens in the smaller Pro model.

Additional benefits are expected

From, a smartphone with a color display is placed in front of a large number 16 illuminated on a dark gradient background, a reference to the expected iPhone 16 Pro that features new rumored advanced camera capabilities and optical zoom.

In addition to camera improvements, rumors indicate that the iPhone 16 Pro will be the first phone to get Samsung's advanced OLED M14 screens. It is also expected to feature thinner screen edges, a feature that may be exclusive to this version.

Production and supply challenges

It is important to note that the introduction of new technologies such as the periscope lens may pose challenges in the supply and production chain. For this reason, GSEO is undergoing a rigorous verification process, and the start of its production will depend on meeting Apple's strict standards. If successful, this could help boost the overall availability of iPhone 16 Pro lenses.

Market forecast

From, four smartphones display different screens with different apps and features, including clock, notifications, photo gallery, and memory movie maker. New rumors suggest the inclusion of an optical zoom camera in the latest iPhone 16 Pro models.

With all these expected upgrades in addition to advanced artificial intelligence technologies that will help a lot in this subject of photography, and which will not be available only on these devices, the iPhone 16 Pro is likely to arouse great interest in the market. These technologies may particularly appeal to photography enthusiasts and users looking for the latest technology in their smartphones.


As the official announcement approaches, rumors will continue to grow about the iPhone 16 models, especially the Pro versions. With a 5x optical zoom camera, along with many other upgrades, these technologies will take iPhone photography to the next level.

While this information is still in the rumors and leaks stage, it paints an exciting picture of what to expect about the iPhone 16 Pro. With comprehensive improvements in the camera system, improved design, and new technologies, it seems that Apple is preparing to provide a major upgrade to the iPhone series. However, we have to approach these leaks with caution, as plans may change overnight and Apple may have a lot up its sleeve that no one outside its walls has seen.

After reviewing the exciting technologies and rumors about the new iPhone 16 Pro camera, what do you think of these improvements and do you think they meet your expectations? Share your opinions with us in the comments.


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