The third beta version of IOS 18 update Officially for developers. The new update brought some noticeable changes in home screen customization, various design and interface modifications, and much more. Here's a comprehensive look at everything new in this version.

From, the smartphone shows an update screen for Apple's iOS 17.0.3, highlighting various improvements and bug fixes.

Currently, the iOS 18 update is available for developer beta testing, and the public beta is expected to be released within days. It is important to note that changes and improvements in the early beta stages may be unexpected. This means that what worked in the second beta may break in the third beta. As always, caution is advised when dealing with trial versions.

The most important new features and changes

From, a smartphone screen displaying various app icons, including messaging, social media, music, finance, and utilities. The background shows a snowy mountain landscape. With Apple's latest iOS 18 update, users can enjoy improved performance and new features.

◉ The third beta version of the iOS 18 update adds a new feature that turns application icons on the home screen into dark mode automatically. This means that when you activate dark mode on your phone, the colors of the app icons will change to suit this mode. But the way this feature works seems advanced. It appears to use advanced artificial intelligence technology to analyze images and change their colors.

In short, Apple has added a clever way to make the iPhone screen look better in dark mode, and it is using advanced technology to do so.

◉ The default background on the iPhone screen has been updated to include a new “dynamic” option to change colors. If you enable this new dynamic setting, your phone's background color will automatically change throughout the day. The background may be blue in the morning, then turn orange at sunset, and may become dark at night.

In short, this feature makes your phone’s wallpaper “live” and changes over time, adding an aesthetic and dynamic touch to the iPhone screen.

From, three smartphones display their own lock screens, each displaying different times (2:44, 2:55, and 2:56) and various dynamic wallpapers. Customization options are visible on the screens. This exciting preview teases new features in the iOS 18 beta, part of Apple's latest update upgrade.

◉ The Flashlight received a major update for iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max users. Apple has improved the way the flashlight control appears in the dynamic island. This means that interacting with a lamp and turning it on or off just got better and easier.

From, A close-up of a smartphone screen showing a flashlight app icon, with a blurry colored backlight, highlights Apple's new iOS 18 update.

◉ In the Photos app, the Select button is now always visible. Previously, you had to swipe up to the photo grid to appear, adding an extra step every time you needed to select an image.

From, a screenshot of the iPhone's Photos app on iOS 18, showing over 29000 items. The screen displays a row of app icons and a partial background image of a dog holding a yellow ball. At 4:05.

◉ Also, in the Photos app and Photo Viewer, the two-finger zoom gesture has been brought back, so it now works like iOS 17 and earlier.

◉ In Settings, the “RCS messages” to provide more details about the feature. It can be accessed through Settings > Apps > Messages > RCS Messages.

From, a screenshot of the iPhone settings page in iOS 18 showing the RCS Messaging option turned on. Note that RCS uses wireless data and may share network identifiers with your carrier and its partners. The update from Apple improves seamless messaging capabilities.

◉ The emoji keyboard has been modified to display larger icons that are easier to see and tap.

◉ Below the emoji keyboard, you can also access stickers and emojis.

From, a screenshot of the iOS emoji keyboard showing frequently used emojis, including smiley face, heart, person working on a laptop, football, check mark, and more. The search bar and typing area are visible. This is part of the third beta of Apple's iOS 18 update.

◉ When focus mode is activated, the Messages app no ​​longer displays the contact name for silent notifications. Instead, it just says “Messages.”

From, a notification from the Notification Center on a mobile device displays “While focusing on work” and “Messages.” The background shows a snowy mountain landscape, unveiling Apple's latest iOS 18 update.

◉ The dark mode icon for Apple Maps has been redesigned.

From, a comparison of two app icons, named Beta 2 and Beta 3. Beta 2, designed for iOS 18, has darker colors and a blue "A" logo, while Beta 3 has brighter colors and the same blue "A" logo.

The public beta version of the iOS 18 update is coming soon

Apple announced last month that the first public beta version of the iOS 18 update would be released in July, so it should be released within days. Based on previous years, the public beta is expected to be released in the first half of July. The iOS 16 update was released on Monday, July 11, 2022, and the iOS 17 update was released on Wednesday, July 12, 2023.

How to get the public trial version

◉ Go to Apple’s website, log in with your Apple account, and accept the terms and conditions.

◉ On iPhone, open Settings > General > Software Update > Beta Updates and the beta version will appear when available.

There is no doubt that the public trial version is more stable, safer, and has fewer problems, but it is still in the experimental scope, and it is preferable to install it on a secondary device, or make a backup copy of your data first before installation.

Compatible Devices

The iOS 18 update is compatible with the same iPhone models that support iOS 17, i.e. iPhone XS, XR and later.

As for the new features, we have mentioned them in several articles, you can refer to them under the iOS 18 tag.

Have you tried the beta version of the iOS 18 update, or are you waiting for the public beta? Share your opinion with us in the comments!



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