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New AI features in iOS 18 update

It seems that 2024 will be the “Year of Artificial Intelligence” for Apple, as major updates are planned for iOS 18, and we believe that Apple’s version of artificial intelligence will be impressive, as rumors, and Tim Cook himself, show that there are new and advanced artificial intelligence features under development for the platforms. Different Apple. Here's everything we know.


The news is certain: Apple will develop a smart ring

Happy news is coming to Apple followers around the world. This time it is about Apple's smart ring, as reports and news indicate that Apple is developing its smart ring, and is taking the matter seriously. This came after Samsung announced the introduction of a smart ring that has many health features. In this article, we present to you all the news about Apple’s ring and its motives for offering a smart ring in the first place.


News on the sidelines week 23 - 29 February

Apple cancels the car project, moves forward in the field of artificial intelligence, and the iOS 18 update will be compatible with these iPhone devices. Apple confirms that iOS 17.4 allows video calling applications to stop interactions. It is possible that Apple will design a 2-nanometer chip, and other news in... Margin


Apple warns against putting wet iPhone in rice!

We published an article before in which we said that rice is for dinner, not for drying your phone from water, and now, years after we published this article, Apple has officially warned against using rice to dry a wet iPhone and explained that the rice myth can cause harm and damage to the internal components of the phone.


Find out the real cost that Apple pays for manufacturing Vision Pro glasses

When Apple unveiled the Vision Pro mixed reality glasses, there was shock due to the price, which reached $3500. Of course, Vision Pro glasses are full of advanced technologies and new parts that were made specifically for them, but what is the real price of Apple Vision Pro glasses? Continue reading as we will learn about the real cost that Apple pays for manufacturing one Vision Pro glasses.


Apple launches the Apple Sport application to follow sports results

Good news for sports fans! Apple has released a new application for displaying match results, team lineups, and statistics. All of this is because Apple is keen to be one of the means of obtaining sports news. So far, the application has been released for the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada, but when will Apple allow us to download the application from its store? Here are all the details in this article.


[666] iPhone Islam picks seven useful applications

A bunch of wonderful applications that use artificial intelligence. A news app that provides smart summaries and avoids fake yellow headlines that attract clicks, a simple time management app that motivates you to manage tasks, Google app updates powered by artificial intelligence, a smart document scanning app, and other exciting apps, in addition to a motorcycle game full of excitement and adventure, a great package for this week According to the selection of iPhone Islam editors, it represents a complete guide that saves you the effort and time of searching among piles of more than 1,879,341 applications!


News on the sidelines week 16 - 22 February

Launching the second version of Apple Vision glasses at this date, new colors for the iPhone 16, temporarily stopping the development of the foldable iPhone, a template showing the new iPhone 16 camera layout, and Apple launches a new application.


The European Union threatens Apple with huge fines in its dispute with Spotify

Bad news for Apple! Press reports indicate that Apple is about to pay approximately 500 million euros in fines to the European Union. All of this is as punishment for Spotify’s actions towards its monopoly on payment methods in favor of its Apple Music application! On the other hand, Apple decided to cancel support for web applications on its phones within the European Union. Here are all the details in this article.