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News on the Fringe Week 14 - June 20

Japan passes a law to allow third-party app stores on the iPhone, Emergency in iOS 18 gets support for live video streaming, the watchOS 11 update supports automatic nap detection, Apple suspends work on Vision Pro 2 glasses, and other exciting news on the sidelines...


iOS 18 brings the Android T9 feature to the iPhone

One of the important features that Apple did not talk about during the WWDC24 conference is the iOS 18 operating system’s support for the T9 calling feature. What is that feature, what is its benefit, and how it works? This is what we will know in this article.


Happy Eid Al Adha, and happy new year 🎉

Happy Eid Al Adha, and happy new year. This year we have the intention of launching a new application in cooperation with one of the most important figures in the world of application development on the Apple platform. We will not be able to launch the application this Eid, but we hope to launch it as soon as possible. We are very excited about this application, which will certainly be the most important application on your device.


Everything you want to know about Apple's new Image Playground app

Apple introduces a new application capable of creating images in a fun and playful way! Apple introduced Image Playground, which is capable of creating images and animations, or as Apple called it, Genmoji. Here are all the details you need about the Image Playground application in the following article, God willing.


Finally recording calls on the iPhone in the iOS 18 update

Thanks to Apple Intelligence technology, you can finally record calls on the iPhone without any external applications, and the matter will not be limited to recording only, but even beyond that, what was recorded will be written in text and summarized automatically. Here's everything we know so far about recording calls on the iPhone in the iOS 18 update.


News on the Fringe Week 7 - June 13

Announcing the applications and games that won the 2024 Apple Design Award, Elon Musk threatening to ban Apple devices due to ChatGPT integration, Blackmagic Design unveils a spatial video camera to capture content for Apple Vision Pro glasses, the battery section in iOS 18 tells you if you are using a slow charger, and other news Exciting on the sidelines…


Apple has stopped repairing tiny cracks in iPhone screens

Apple announced a change in its new policy regarding repairing screens that contain scratches or fine cracks. It also announced that the customer will pay the entire cost. On the other hand, Apple pledges to fix a loophole in its parental control tools after publishing a report in the Wall Street Journal explaining that Apple overlooked solving the loophole for three years!


Apple does it again: Here are the awesome features of Apple Intelligence

The Apple conference was boring until Apple started talking about the Apple Intelligence system. Amazing features and an amazing step towards a different future. Apple Intelligence is a personal intelligence system for iPhone, iPad and Mac devices that combines the power of generative models and integrates them with personal context to provide intelligence characterized by an amazing level of... Benefit and convenience.