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I love the righteous, and I am not among them, I would have to obtain intercession for them and I hate from his sinful trade even if we are equal in the goods


[635] iPhone Islam picks seven useful applications

Artificial intelligence is in your hands through this application, and the developer of the Tweetbot application goes to a social network that competes with Twitter, and an application that offers you a smarter diet to reach your goals, and other great applications for this week as chosen by the editors of iPhone Islam


Apple releases iOS 16.3 and iPadOS 16.3 update

Apple just officially released a new iOS 16.3 update for its devices that support iOS 16, as well as an update to iPadOS 16.3 and most of its other devices. This update solves some of the problems of iOS 16, including solving the problem of the appearance of green horizontal lines, and the problem of the possibility of Siri not responding correctly, but the update is here at this particular time to support new Apple devices such as the HomePod (second generation).


Apple is far behind in artificial intelligence technologies

In previous years, Apple was very late in the field of artificial intelligence, and dozens of companies began to provide impressive services in which they depended on the tremendous development that took place in this field … so where is Apple in this development, and if Apple continues in this way, will it gradually collapse, as happened with many companies ?


Apple unveils M2 Pro, M2 Mac, Mac mini, and MacBook Pro

Apple today announced the launch of the new generation chipsets M2 Pro and M2 Max to power the new products with unparalleled power. It also announced the new launch of the Mac mini. And announced the new launch of the MacBook Pro, which contains the M2 Pro and M2 Max chipsets, which make it the pinnacle of intelligence and impressive performance.


[632] iPhone Islam picks seven useful applications

An app that predicts if a pilot's flight will be delayed, an app that beautifully displays different device information, an app that lets you know if your ISP is slowing down a specific site, and other great apps for this week as chosen by iPhone Islam editors.


[631] iPhone Islam picks seven useful applications

An app that enables you to make a doll out of movie characters with your facial features, an app that is best for keeping passwords, an app that uses artificial intelligence to search the Internet, and other great apps for this week as chosen by the editors of iPhone Islam


“D” brings those who work in the field of Islamic applications, so that we can benefit from their experience

When the “DAL” team contacted me to be a guest in one of the episodes of the program, and the idea of ​​the DAL project was explained to me, I was very happy with this project. Finally, we will see who are behind these Islamic applications that we have benefited from throughout these years. Finally, we will see these faces, these determinations, Finally we will hear their stories, and we will benefit from their experience.


An application to my prayers

We are working hard for my prayer app to become the best prayer times app, and a number of updates have been released, each bringing great features, to this unique app, so let us tell you why the prayer app is different from other prayer apps…