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I love the righteous, and I am not among them, I would have to obtain intercession for them and I hate from his sinful trade even if we are equal in the goods


Happy Eid Al-Adha, and a surprise coming from iPhone Islam 🎉

We ask God to accept the efforts of the pilgrims and magnify their reward (and we hope that they will remember us with supplication), and whoever did not perform Hajj this year, we pray to God to gather us with him in His Sacred House next year, and as we congratulate you all on Eid and hope that it will be happy for you and us and the Islamic nation as a whole, we affirm that we carry This year, a surprise for you, a new application coming from the iPhone Islam


[603] iPhone Islam picks seven useful applications

An application that facilitates the provisions of inheritance, an application that calculates the amount of water that you should drink daily, an application that has spread recently, but its idea is crazy, and other great applications for this week


News on the margin the week May 2 - June 9

Microsoft's game-streaming app on Samsung TV, iOS 16 will let you transfer an eSIM to another iPhone, Apple's software package that allows you to create a XNUMXD layout of rooms, Twitter is preparing to give Elon Musk unprecedented access to platform data, and other exciting news on the sidelines.


Milestones in the history of WWDC Apple

Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference, or WWDC, is an annual conference the company uses primarily to showcase its software and new technologies to developers, as well as provide hands-on labs and sessions with Apple developers. The first conference was in 1983 - internally. As for the current form, it began in 1990 and continued to this year annually.


[602] iPhone Islam picks seven useful applications

An application that offers you the best reading experience with the feeling of a paper book in your hands, another that teaches you every day a new English word, an innovative application for learning and listening to various recitations and readings of the Qur’an, and other great applications for this week


Alfanous - an advanced Quranic search engine

Have you ever wondered how many times a word like “water” is mentioned in the Qur’an? Of course, you may think that it is easy to open any Quran application and search for the word water, but what about the word “water” or “water” or “its water” or “your water” no Quran application will be able to search for the word and its derivatives easily.