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How to make “Haptic Touch” faster on the iPhone

In the iOS 17 update, Apple added a new setting in Usability that makes the tactile response faster than previous versions, such as the old “3D Touch” feature, which was faster. So how do you speed up the tactile feature and make it like 3D Touch?


News on the sidelines week 13 - 19 October

Announcing a new Apple Pencil with a hidden USB-C port, and launching the public beta version of the iOS 17.1 update. The iOS 17.1 update may be launched on October 24, and Apple Glasses are at a discounted price of $1500. Tim Cook makes a surprise visit to China for these reasons. Microsoft acquires the gaming company. Activision Blizzard for $69 billion, and other exciting news on the sidelines...


News on the sidelines week 6 - 12 October

Apple launches a new update for all of the AirPods Pro 2 headphones, and the iFixit team examines the components of the iPhone 15 under a microscope, a video of the first iMac dating back to 1999 that works with touch, testing the breakability between the iPhone 15 Pro Max and leading phones, and a new modification to the Actions button in The upcoming iOS 17.1 update,


How to downgrade or downgrade from iOS 17 update to iOS 16 update

Here is an easy way to go back from the iOS 17 update to the iOS 16 update. Through the EaseUS MobiXpert program, which is a program specially designed to simplify the process of going back, or what is known as downgrading, to an older version of iOS or even upgrading it to a newer version launched by Apple, and all of this in a few easy and simple steps. And in just a few minutes.


News on the margin the week September 29 - October 5

Solving the problem of the iPhone 15 Pro overheating, and this is the main reason, and a problem with the screen of the Apple Watch Ultra 2 after the latest update, and some USB-C power banks do not work with the iPhone 15, and Apple begins selling second-generation HomePod models. Renewed, and a reference to the Apple Pencil 3 in the iOS 17.1 update, Microsoft was considering selling the “Bing” engine to Apple,


18 new hidden features in the iPhone camera app in the iOS 17 update

The Camera app includes new features in the iOS 17 update that will help you take better photos and videos, but there are a lot of cool new things that you may not see directly that may be hidden from you. Many of the new camera features are exclusive to the iPhone 15 series models, and some are only intended for the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max models.


News on the sidelines week 22 - 28 September

Fears of high temperature of the iPhone 15 Pro Max, Apple may launch a new iPad mini this year, Apple may not launch a cheaper version of Apple Glass, Apple launches the refurbished Mac Studio M2 and M2 Max on its online store, and i models -The iPhone 15 supports a USB-C to Ethernet port for faster internet, dismantling the iPhone 15 Pro Max, and Apple suggests possible fixes for the weather problem on the Apple Watch.


All about the StandBy feature in iOS 17 update

Apple added the StandBy feature in the iOS 17 update, where the iPhone screen can display different things such as a large clock, a smart digital photo frame, or a small HomePod, as well as a live activity tracker, and a screen to display various widgets. And more. Here's how this feature works and how to set it up in some detail.