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Walid Reda (Editor)


How does the app or game top the list in the Apple and Google Stores?

Have you ever heard of the attention economy, in short, it means treating your interest as a unique good because your brain can't comprehend the amount of content scattered all over the place while browsing the Internet, so whoever offers the commodity filters the content based on Your interests, and therefore competition is fierce on the Internet in order to know your interests and get your attention towards a commodity or product


Facebook is in deep philosophical competition with Apple over building metaverses

Mark Zuckerberg said that the competition between his company and Apple is very deep and who will win in the end, it is us who will determine the future of technology and how metaverses work. Meta and Apple have been in fierce competition for several years, but the competition has escalated in recent years over privacy and different methods of user tracking.


How to find out the number of charging cycles of the Apple Watch battery

Can you find out the number of charging cycles that the Apple Watch battery has done and thus know whether your watch battery is working efficiently or not, continue reading the article and we will tell you the way to help you discover the number of recharging cycles of the Apple Watch battery in an easy and simple way and without the need to use external applications and programs


Top 5 New Features in iOS 16 According to Marquis Brownlee

Now a beta version of iOS 16 is available for users, where they can experience the great functions and capabilities offered by the new iPhone operating system and with many features, the famous tech specialist Marquis Brownlee posted a video on his channel, in which he showed the most important and best 5 features in iOS 16, continue Read on to learn about these amazing features


5 Different Ways to Check AirPods Battery Life

The problem of the lack of a clear and accurate indicator of the battery status in the AirPods, there is only a LED indicator through which you cannot distinguish between charging when it is full, half-full, or even close to completion, so in the following lines we will learn about 5 different ways that can help you know the percentage To charge the AirPods battery