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Here are important tips from Apple before buying a used iPhone

Users agree to buy a used iPhone at a low price instead of paying a lot for a new device, but the problem here is that the matter is not guaranteed at all, as you may fall victim to fraud and deception by the seller, and for this reason we will learn in the following lines about some important tips from Apple that It will help you buy a used iPhone easily and securely.


iPhone 16 is coming with a new cooling system to solve the problem of overheating

Apple is planning to launch the iPhone 16 lineup next year, which will provide powerful performance, amazing features, and artificial intelligence-related functions. This means a lot of heat in the new iPhone. For this reason, the company decided to use a new thermal system that will dissipate that heat. Let’s take a look at the iPhone XNUMX lineup. A look at this system and how it will get rid of excess heat.


6 new features coming to iPhone users with iOS 17.2

A few days ago, Apple released the second beta version of iOS 17.2 to developers, which will bring a number of new features that will be available to iPhone users in the coming weeks (it is expected to be launched in December). During the following lines, we will review the most prominent and important 6 features coming in the iOS 17.2 update.


5 products that Apple will get rid of in 2023. Get to know them

From time to time, Apple abandons a number of its products, and puts them in oblivion as it replaces them with new ones. As the end of this year 2023 approaches, we will take you on a quick tour to learn about some of the accessories and products that Apple will stop producing permanently, and we will not see them from now on. Here are them. 5 products that Apple will eliminate in 2023.


Things that Apple should have announced during its recent Scary Fast event

At Apple's Scary Fast conference, within about half an hour, the company revealed new MacBook Pro and iMac devices alongside its new M3, M3 Pro, and M3 Max chipsets. However, there were a number of products that we expected Apple to launch at its recent event, but that did not happen. Let's get to know 4 things that were missing from Apple's Scary Fast event.


How to create contact photos on iPhone with iOS 17

Apple has provided us with many new features with iOS 17, including improving incoming calls on the iPhone through photos or contact stickers, which work similar to customizing the lock screen as they allow you to express yourself and customize the way you will appear to others...


[14] Geniuses who made Apple: Gil Amelio

There is a former CEO who took over the leadership of Apple for a very short period, but he was able to rescue the American company from disaster and return it to its normal position. In the following lines, let us learn about the story of Gil Amelio, the unknown soldier who is not known to many, and yet he saved the technology giant from extinction.