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Walid Reda (Editor)


iOS 18 brings the Android T9 feature to the iPhone

One of the important features that Apple did not talk about during the WWDC24 conference is the iOS 18 operating system’s support for the T9 calling feature. What is that feature, what is its benefit, and how it works? This is what we will know in this article.


10 artificial intelligence features coming to iOS 18

Over the next month when it unveils new artificial intelligence features, experts believe that Apple is in a difficult position, because it needs to convince its users and investors that it stands on equal footing with OpenAI and other companies; That's why it has to surprise everyone with exciting things in the field of artificial intelligence.


Apple plans to launch a thinner version of the iPhone next year

Similar to the new iPad Pro that Apple recently unveiled and described as the thinnest product ever. The company intends to launch a thinner version of the iPhone during the next year 2025, and the new model will replace the Plus model, which will be discontinued for the first time in the iPhone 17 lineup.


What Apple did not reveal to you about the iPad Pro 2024

Apple did not talk about a very important point when it announced the iPad 2024, which is that all iPad Pro models may work with the same new chip, but they are not the same. The new device with a storage capacity of 256 and 512 GB includes an M4 chip with a CPU with 9 cores, while the models with a storage capacity of 1 and 2 TB include the same chip, but with a CPU with 10 cores.


Apple warns against charging the iPhone overnight!

What is the last thing you do every night before you go to sleep? The answer is simple, charge your iPhone so that the battery is full when we wake up in the morning. According to Apple, it seems that what we are doing is not right, as it warned its users that charging their devices overnight has serious consequences, and this habit must be stopped.


Apple is once again negotiating with OpenAI to integrate AI features into its systems

Many users are eagerly awaiting Apple's annual WWDC 24 developers conference, where the company will unveil iOS 18, which is expected to be the biggest update in the history of the iPhone due to the upcoming new artificial intelligence features. As the date approached, Apple decided to open talks again with OpenAI, the developer of ChatGPT, to bring its technologies to iPhone devices.


A new patent makes the Apple Watch capable of detecting drowning and saving you

The Apple Watch began as a piece of digital jewelry that appeared in fashion magazines, but the company was able to turn its smart watch into an indispensable tool thanks to the very important health features it brings. But it seems that Apple will not stop there, as it has obtained a new patent for a feature that makes its smart watch capable of saving you in the event of drowning (God forbid).