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Your phone apps are not listening to you!

Surely you have ever discussed a product with someone, then opened the Internet or a social media application, and then saw advertisements in front of you for what you were talking about a while ago! You are not alone, we are all this person, and we have all faced this scenario, and this made us point the finger at these applications, and that they are eavesdropping on us and listening to the conversations that take place between us.


2024 will not be easy for Apple

Apple has recently faced many disputes and challenges that threaten its sales. Apple must solve these problems within this year, otherwise the consequences will be disastrous. One of the most important of these challenges is finding a solution to the deterioration of its sales in the Chinese market, which led to a decline in the value of its stock. And other challenges we present to you in detail in this article.


Rescue stories made with the Apple Watch

Rescue stories starring the Apple smart watch still appear from time to time, and this time, in two separate incidents, the watch was able to save two people who suffered from heart problems, but thanks to the alerts issued by it, they received the necessary medical care in time to be saved.


A lot of what social media is about is wrong

The development of technology is accelerating at a rate that exceeds human awareness of proper usage behaviors. Whenever social media posts and nonsense crowd you, make sure that the haunted room in your head is quiet and tidy. Spread a carpet in it, reserve a corner for discreet science and another corner for mind exercises, and for disturbing events, leave a trash can at its exit.


Apple is far behind in artificial intelligence technologies

In previous years, Apple was very late in the field of artificial intelligence, and dozens of companies began to provide impressive services in which they depended on the tremendous development that took place in this field … so where is Apple in this development, and if Apple continues in this way, will it gradually collapse, as happened with many companies ?