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Alfanous - an advanced Quranic search engine

Have you ever wondered how many times a word like “water” is mentioned in the Qur’an? Of course, you may think that it is easy to open any Quran application and search for the word water, but what about the word “water” or “water” or “its water” or “your water” no Quran application will be able to search for the word and its derivatives easily.


memory app

Many of us wish to read the Qur’an and master it, but there is always the fear of not being proficient or not finding a teacher or time to teach that matches the teachers’ times. Learn about the best Modkar app to read the Qur’an with real teachers at any time of the day.


pen keyboard app

Many have noticed in the recent period the improvement of the Arabic language on the iPhone Islam website,…


Al-Fatiha application

Growing up for your prayers and reciting the supplication of the opening, in a hurry read "Praise be to God, Lord of the Worlds" and then ...