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How to easily edit PDF files on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

UPDF is an integrated program based on artificial intelligence designed to facilitate the management and modification of PDF files. This is because it contains powerful features that are compatible with iPhone, Android, Mac, and Windows. Thanks to its cloud service, you can seamlessly work on your files across different platforms and devices without any problems.


UPDF Editor is the best AI PDF editor you should try

We often search for programs, applications, or tools to edit PDF files, especially those that support the Arabic language, to make necessary modifications, such as changing a word, deleting it, or adding any modifications. However, it was very difficult, as there is no perfect application that does everything we want. But this has become a thing of the past, and there is no longer any problem or confusion in this matter, especially after trying the UPDF application


Fast charging for Apple devices with Ugreen charger

Did you know that you can quickly charge the iPhone starting with the iPhone 8 or later with up to 50% of the battery capacity in about 30 minutes? But most of us still do not know this, and rely on slow chargers mostly, but today let us introduce you to the Ugreen charger group, which is a giant in the field of chargers.


How to get the Calcularium app for free?

A calculator is one of the tools that you should always have with you, and this application is the best, and you can use it to do many calculations easily and quickly, and now you can get it for free for six months.


How to get The Wallpapers Club app for free?

We talked about the Wallpapers Club application and said that something as simple as changing the device wallpaper may make your device feel renewed. Many of us forget to change the device wallpaper, and may feel bored and do not know why. In fact, the reason may be simpler than you imagine. You just need a wallpaper. New.


How to get Convertium for free for a year?

In this week's picks, we talked about the Convertium application, which is an application that converts currencies and units easily and quickly, and it is the best application for converting different currencies and measurements! It enables you to convert more than 160 currencies and 350 measurement units with one click, and even digital currencies are supported. Find out with us how to get the Convertium application for free for a year.


Versatile PDF editor for iPadOS, iOS, and even Mac

In this digital world, the need to edit and view PDF files has increased. Many of us either resort to the tools built into the system or get Adobe Acrobat to make the adjustments. But many don't know that there are better and easier options like UPDF app which is a versatile PDF editor for iOS, iPadOS and even Mac.