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The anniversary of the establishment of the site iPhone Islam - 15 years and we are with you 🎉

The days passed very quickly, and here we are celebrating with you the 15th anniversary of the establishment of the iPhone Islam website, and this particular year, time passed more quickly than any year before, because we were working hard, we very much want to restore the iPhone Islam site, when It was the first source to educate the Arab user regarding everything about Apple, and it was the first source for the finest Arabic and Islamic applications, praise be to God.


To My Prayers: The first prayer application that supports the dynamic island

Updated to my prayer, after five years of dormancy, now, by God's grace alone, the application to my prayer is back. And as it was the first prayer application ever, and the first prayer application that supports the Apple Watch, it is the first prayer application that supports the dynamic island for iPhone 14 Pro devices, and the activity status feature that Apple introduced with the new update iOS 16.1


Happy Eid Al-Adha, and a surprise coming from iPhone Islam 🎉

We ask God to accept the efforts of the pilgrims and magnify their reward (and we hope that they will remember us with supplication), and whoever did not perform Hajj this year, we pray to God to gather us with him in His Sacred House next year, and as we congratulate you all on Eid and hope that it will be happy for you and us and the Islamic nation as a whole, we affirm that we carry This year, a surprise for you, a new application coming from the iPhone Islam


Don't waste Ramadan with wrong use of smartphones

Ramadan is approaching, the heart is scattered, the soul is worn out, the determination is scattered, and the concerns cover the heart and the mind. The distractions do not end, and the requirements do not stop… A world of diasporas we live in, and few take themselves with determination and earnestness. The best of us is the one who hopes for the comfort of Ramadan, the serenity of Tarawih, and the reverence of the Qur’an.