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Margin news: Week 5 - 12 May

Saudi Aramco outperforms Apple, phones, a new Google watch, iPhone 15 with a USB-C port, the end of the iPod manufacturing, and other exciting news for this week in On the Sidelines!


News on the sidelines for the week of April 29 - May 5

Apple may add a heat sensor to the Apple Watch 8, smart speaker manufacturer Sonos makes its own voice assistant, Apple Watch can detect a weak heart muscle, start selling the refurbished Apple Watch 7, attend Apple developer conference, and the new Twitter Circle feature,


News on the sidelines: week 31 March - 7 April

Important warning of postal fraud that you may be exposed to from reliable sources! And updates to Apple systems, Huawei stores in the UAE, various processors for upcoming Samsung devices, and other exciting news for this week in the sidelines!


News on the sidelines: Week 25-31 March

Apple is developing special financial services, a MacBook Air with a larger screen, and finally sending large files on WhatsApp, the possibility of the return of XNUMXD touch, and other exciting news for this week in On the Fringes!


News on the sidelines for the week of March 18 - 24

Some users complain about the iPad Air 5, the dismantling of the iPhone SE 3, new information about the RAM and modem, a lawsuit against Apple, a look at the new studio screen from the inside, and leaks about the size of the iPhone 14 Pro, and learn about the durability of the iPhone SE 3 in drop tests,


News on the sidelines: Week 11-17 March

Beware of these malicious programs! And important leaks of the iPhone and Foxconn's investments in Saudi Arabia and another computer screen from Apple and other exciting news for this week on the sidelines!


News on the sidelines week February 25 - March 3

Apple is exploring the possibility of integrating the entire Mac into a keyboard, iPhone 13 outperforms everyone in revenue, Tik Tok allows ten minutes, Samsung S22 phones are more breakable than iPhone 13, and Oppo breaks the record with a new fast charger, and more companies against Russia,