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7 important things Siri can do that you may not know

Many of Siri's features are obvious to everyone: you can send text messages, call people, play music, and do other kinds of things. There are other things that are hidden from us, and we know nothing about them. In this article, we guide you to some of the tasks that you can ask Siri that may benefit you a lot. You may know some of them, and you may not know others.


Five unconventional things about the iPhone that you may not know

Are you wondering why Apple devices are so popular, especially the iPhone? Simply put, this is due to a stable foundation: continuous development and optimum quality. We can't help but notice the continued development of the iPhone. No matter how many features other devices like Samsung offer, Apple prefers quality over quantity - this is Apple's philosophy.


Apple shares five useful tips for AirPods users

If you're a fan of Apple's original AirPods or newer versions like the AirPods Pro, there are many useful features and settings that you may not be aware of. In this article, we will give you 5 useful tips that will help you get the most out of your AirPods.


Here are the features of Apple's iOS 17.4 update (Part Two)

Within the framework of covering the features and improvements provided by Apple in its latest system update, iOS 17.4, we provide you with the details that you would like to know about the value behind the iOS 17.4 system and the changes that Apple has made, such as providing new methods of payment, using Siri to read and send messages, and others, God willing.


What are the new features in iOS 17.4 update? (part One)

There are many gifts in Apple's latest update, the new iOS 17.4, as the company added many new features and usability improvements, and the update was not limited to iPhone users in the European Union only. Rather, Apple has realized some features for all its users, such as changes in the battery section, adding new emojis, adding new features in the podcast application, and others.


10 hidden features in the Messages app

When Apple released the iOS 17 update last year, it introduced a modified interface for the Messages app that includes many useful hidden functions and customization options that may not be obvious to the average user. In this article we've collected 10 of our favorite tips that we hope will make your messaging experience more enjoyable.


Features worth trying in the Notes and Reminders applications

Apple is constantly improving the user experience in its applications, and the Notes and Reminders applications have a large share in these improvements, especially with iOS 17. Although most of the features are not huge, they are of course useful, and will help you accomplish your daily tasks and organize your time. Stay tuned as we share with you all the new features in the Notes and Reminders apps.


Tips for you to use your Watch Series 9 perfectly

In this article, we provide you with a set of tips that will improve your experience using the Watch Series 9, such as double-tap gestures, focus modes, low battery power mode, and watch faces. In addition to some information about the features and specifications of the Watch Series 9 and the changes that Apple added to the watch.