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Simple tips to fix annoying slow keyboard on iPhone

You're probably using the default iOS keyboard. Apple's keyboard is generally efficient and good, offering a wide variety of languages ​​and shortcuts, and even featuring a hidden trackpad. However, there are cases where the keyboard may not work as expected, such as slow response while typing, so how do you solve this problem?


The 7 best ways to use the visual search feature on iPhone

The Visual Look Up feature on the iPhone, which competes with Google Lens, through which you can scan images and videos to search for them and related information online, upload the topic you want to search for from the image and use it in other applications. Here are 7 ways. Preferred to use this feature learn about it.


18 new hidden features in the iPhone camera app in the iOS 17 update

The Camera app includes new features in the iOS 17 update that will help you take better photos and videos, but there are a lot of cool new things that you may not see directly that may be hidden from you. Many of the new camera features are exclusive to the iPhone 15 series models, and some are only intended for the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max models.


What happens when you download a new iOS update on an old iPhone?

Updating the operating system is very important for your iPhone, but if you have an old version of the iPhone, will your phone be affected when you download a new update? What are the consequences or side effects of that? Battery performance may be declining and you feel that your phone is taking a long time to restore files or to carry out the commands you give it.


6 ways to slow down iPhone battery aging and extend its lifespan

The iPhone has a battery that ages over time, but you should know that battery deterioration is a natural part of the life cycle of any rechargeable device. This means that the iPhone battery will decrease in efficiency after a while, and will eventually stop working, if the solution is ? The answer is simple in this article...


Learn about the advantages of the iPhone in travel

There are many features that the iPhone provides you that can help you to a great extent during your travels, such as sharing the location with friends, knowing the temperature and rain forecast, the Live TEXT feature that will help you translate texts such as purchase invoices or the food menu, and finally the visual search feature, which is It will help you to find out information about the places where you envision.


The benefits of the Apple Watch for your health and improving the quality of your sleep

Health care is an important matter for Apple, as it always launches health features in iPhone phones and Apple watches, such as measuring heart rate, regulating medication intake times, measuring sleep regularity and quality, in addition to intervening at times through the emergency call feature. In the event that you are exposed to any collision and many features, we will explain them in this article.


Apple warns of a fatal error committed by many users of the iPhone

Most of us put the iPhone in the charger at night, and this is not a problem with it, but there is a common habit that many users do, which is leaving the phone under the pillow, or covering it while charging, and this habit is very dangerous, and Apple warned that it is a fatal mistake, And you need not to do this again, so as not to put your life in danger.