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10 useful tips and tricks provided by Apple for iPhone users

It seems that it has become an annual tradition, as Apple from time to time shares with iPhone users some useful tips and tricks in order to help them get the most out of their devices, and whether you are using an old or new iPhone, here are 10 iPhone tricks provided by Apple is not known by many users.


How to use photography using the night mode on the iPhone

Among the photographic modes in the camera on the iPhone is the “night” mode, which is unlike other modes and characteristics of the camera. It does not require your intervention to activate it or switch between it and normal photography, because it is turned on and set automatically when the iPhone senses the low light around it.


Important tips for traveling with AirTags

There is no doubt that attaching AirTags to your baggage while traveling is a must, as it makes it easier for you to track and retrieve this baggage easily, and it was reported recently that some travelers have recovered their lost bags thanks to AirTags.


Customize the settings for each application separately on the iPhone

The process of customizing applications on the iPhone is possible, but not known by many, for example, making the font for an application very large, but without changing the font in the entire system. And you can customize apps with some simple but important things through a setting hidden in the accessibility settings, called Per-App settings.


Change the iPhone line on the entire iOS 16 system

But if you have a desire to experiment and take risks, one of the developers has developed a new tool through which you can change the font of the iPhone on the entire system, provided that you are using a version older than iOS 16.2. Knowing that this tool does not perform a jailbreak, but only exploits a loophole that was available in older versions.


7 very important tips for extending the life of your iPhone

In the event that you decide to upgrade and buy a new iPhone, you will find that this step will cost you a lot of money, this means that you need to keep your iPhone for as long as possible and for this in the following lines we will learn how to extend the life of the iPhone Your iPhone will last you for many years.


11 tips to save time on the iPhone and improve the experience of use

There are usually hidden ways in the operating system that not many people know about, here are 11 quick tips for iOS using which you can save time and effort. These tips work on updating iOS 16, but some of them work on the iPad and previous versions of iOS. You may know most of these features and you may have forgotten some of them, but we thought we would beautify them so that everyone, especially beginners, can benefit.