The iPhone Islam site does not provide technical support service, but we try our best to benefit our brothers and teach them new technologies and programs. So we created this page for you to answer all the frequently asked questions. Please read, learn and benefit those around you with what you have learned.


I do not know anything about the iPhone, iPad, iPod, are there any special articles for beginners?

Yes, see These articles.

I have a lock sign surrounded by a circular arrow next to the battery meter, and I don't know where it came from?

This is a screen rotation lock sign, Read this article Learn more about this feature.

I have a question that is not answered here, how do I send it to you?

Brother, we apologize, we do not provide technical support service, and everything we know is trying to put it on the site, if you go to Site map Sure, you will find the answer to your question I browsed the site well You will also learn a lot, and in the end you can always write to Apple and ask for technical support, andHere you can find an article explaining that.

Software store

How do I download programs to the device?

First, you must create an account in the iTunes service, and it is preferable to make the account via a computer ...Read this article To learn how, then open the program store program from the front of your device and download the programs.

I do not have a credit card to create an iTunes account?

This is not important, you can make an account without a card. Read this article To know how

I have an iTunes account and I can download free programs, but I do not have a credit card, so how can I buy programs from the software store

You can buy from the software store, via iTunes cards, at This article We offer you the sites that sell these cards through many payment methods.

I bought some programs from the software store, but I deleted some of them after running Restore or by mistake. Should I buy these programs again?

When you buy a program or download it for the first time, it is written on your computer that this program is yours, and if you press buy again, its price is not deducted, even if you download the program while it is free and then become at a price it does not matter, you can click on buy and it will download for free for you because you originally owned it. Just make sure to log in with the same account that you purchased the program with the first time. Also, review this article Check out this article To know how to recover purchased software.

Jailbreaking and unlocking the network

Isn't the jailbreak forbidden and illegal? How does the word Islam promote it?

First, my honorable brother, jailbreak is legal and legal, secondly, you need to learn the difference between legal jailbreaking and illegal crack. I beg you Read this important article.

If I jailbreak it, can I wipe it completely to get my device back as it was?

Yes, you can do a restore for the device via the iTunes program, and your device will return to how it was before.

Is there a jailbreak for my device?

You can find out for yourself by reading This article

I accidentally upgraded my device, can I revert to a previous version so I can jailbreak it?

This depends on if you are saving the SHSH files or not. Read This article.


The iPhone is withdrawing from my balance and the reason is that the internet is always working, how do I turn off the network internet and just make it work on Wi-Fi?

I know that in order for the iPhone to work well, it must always be connected to the Internet in order to receive the push and alerts from the Internet and other things, so I advise you to subscribe to a monthly plan for the Internet. If you want to turn off the network internet, all you have to do is go to Settings> General> Network, then turn off the Cellular Data option.


Regarding the video player, why not open wmv and other video formats?

IOS devices such as the iPhone and iPad do not support a few formats such as mp4 and mov and in order to play the other formats, you must download programs from the software store such as avPlayer

YouTube does not work on my device, and it always gives me an error message that it is not supported

There are several reasons why YouTube videos are not working on your device, the most important of which is the jailbreak that sometimes leads to this. To solve the problem read an article How to fix the problem of YouTube video not working on your device

Book store

I would like to publish a book on the bookstore so is there a way for that?

Publishing books is currently exclusive to publishing houses in America, but we wrote an article on how to deal with that through intermediaries ... Read this article


I would like to block pornographic websites from my children's devices

Browsing the Internet on iPhone and iPad devices is done through the Safari program, the Safari program can be closed completely through the parental control feature, and replaced by an application such as AVG from the software store Which contains the features of blocking websites and you can also control the internet in your whole home through sites such as OPENDNS This will affect all home appliances. Read more about the restrictions feature

Device malfunctions

My device is not responding even though it has a charged battery, even if I connect it to a computer, the iTunes software will not recognize it.

Try pressing the power switch with the home key for 30 seconds

My device keeps restarting itself, what should I do?

Put your device in DFU mode and then restore it via iTunes - watch this video


Real questions sent to us and we put it out of jokes

Do you shop Masonic programs because the software store logo is like the Masonic logo.
I would like to ask about the ruling on cutting the eyebrows or bleaching, not the shaving.
In the car driver game, there are passwords to make the game timeless in its version on the Playstation, so what is the iPhone password?
I downloaded your sly program from Alanstulz, and every little thing I see a page that tells me that it is insidious, what is the solution?
You mentioned that the file can be downloaded to Mac or Windows! What does Mac or Windows mean?
This explanation of the black iPhone Is it possible to explain the method of jailbreaking the white iPhone.
I have iPhone XNUMXG and its XNUMXS system, and I am riding Siri on my device.
I own an iPhone and I updated to the new version, but after about a week had passed, I was surprised that the external speaker sound was relatively weak and did not return as it was, knowing that such a problem had already occurred after it fell into the water and the sound returned normal and it fell twice and the sound returns to normal in less than a day either now Three days have passed since this problem and the sound did not return to normal and it was not exposed to water this time. Is the problem with the update please help.