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News on the sidelines for the week of March 15 - 21

The iPhone 16 will come with BRS technology for a borderless screen, and Apple launches a website “all in one place” and another to browse applications for Apple Vision Pro glasses, and the next iPad Pro will come with thinner edges than previous models, and major companies protest Apple’s rules for purchasing from Outside the App Store, Apple publishes details about the new artificial intelligence model “MM1”, and leaks about the iPhone 17


How do you set up Siri to read incoming messages?

Through the iOS 17.4 update, Apple introduced a new feature, which is the ability for the voice assistant Siri to read incoming messages in more than one language. But how can you do that? In this article, here are all the details about the new feature, how to use it, and what languages ​​Siri supports after the latest update.


Serious negotiations between Apple and Google to run Gemini on the iPhone

Apple is making more efforts to catch up with other companies that preceded it in the field of generative artificial intelligence. However, it seems that the iPhone maker fully realized that he is not ready to move forward alone, and that he must benefit from a competitor’s technologies at the present time, so as not to be too late and then he will not be able to catch up.


Fast charging for Apple devices with Ugreen charger

Did you know that you can quickly charge the iPhone starting with the iPhone 8 or later with up to 50% of the battery capacity in about 30 minutes? But most of us still do not know this, and rely on slow chargers mostly, but today let us introduce you to the Ugreen charger group, which is a giant in the field of chargers.


Apple pays a fine to shareholders after concealing information about its sales in China

The fines will continue to hit Apple in 2024, as Apple decided to settle the lawsuits directed at it by shareholders. This is on the sidelines of the issue of concealing information about the company’s sales in China. The sources confirmed that Apple will pay a fine of no less than $490 million as compensation to shareholders in order to settle the case. Here are all the details in this article.


[668] iPhone Islam picks seven useful applications

Thanks to God, we have many wonderful Islamic applications, and these applications may be specific to you in the month of Ramadan. We ask God to forgive us during it. In this week's selections, we will present to you useful Islamic applications. This week's selections from the Islamic applications community, may God reward them.


News on the sidelines for the week of March 8 - 14

Leaked CAD drawings for the iPhone 16 Pro reveal changes in the design of the buttons, and both the iPad Air and iPad Pro could feature a camera on the side. The new iPads will be launched at the “end of March” or April, and Zuckerberg is underestimating once again. With Vision Pro glasses, the start of iPhone 15 assembly in Brazil, and other exciting news on the sidelines...


Here are the features of Apple's iOS 17.4 update (Part Two)

Within the framework of covering the features and improvements provided by Apple in its latest system update, iOS 17.4, we provide you with the details that you would like to know about the value behind the iOS 17.4 system and the changes that Apple has made, such as providing new methods of payment, using Siri to read and send messages, and others, God willing.


Ramadan, the lord of months, has come to you, so welcome and welcome‼

Congratulations from the iPhone Islam team to all our followers on the occasion of the advent of the month of blessing and mercy, the blessed month of Ramadan, and we ask God Almighty to accept our fasting and prayers from you and from us. The “My Prayer” application is free so we can make sure that the whole world has downloaded it for free, so hurry up and tell your friends.


What are the new features in iOS 17.4 update? (part One)

There are many gifts in Apple's latest update, the new iOS 17.4, as the company added many new features and usability improvements, and the update was not limited to iPhone users in the European Union only. Rather, Apple has realized some features for all its users, such as changes in the battery section, adding new emojis, adding new features in the podcast application, and others.