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News on the margin the week May 31 - June 6

Vision Pro glasses were sold in other countries outside the United States in mid-June, and the iPhone 5s is now very old devices, and these iPhones may not support some artificial intelligence features in iOS 18, and a redesigned control center that is customizable in iOS 18. The latest Apple devices contain a hidden radio, and other exciting news on the sidelines...


How can you set up early reminders for your tasks on iPhone, iPad and Mac?

We all turn to Apple's Reminder app to remind us of important appointments and events that need arrangements. So we present to you how to set up early reminders within the Reminders app. Through it, you can set up a reminder before the main task date to remind you of any preliminary arrangements before the main event. Follow this article with us.


How to check the battery percentage of the Apple Watch from the iPhone

The Apple Watch is a special companion for the iPhone, as it is a great way to keep track of and know many things such as alerts, responding to text messages, or even a Siri conversation. Monitoring the battery percentage of the Apple Watch may help you limit some of the things that drain it, and monitoring may be from a far away place. It is useful for you, learn how to monitor the Apple Watch battery through the iPhone.


Best Apps of 2024 Apple Design Award Finalists (Part XNUMX)

Apple announced the applications nominated for the Apple Design Awards, which are considered the best applications of 2024. Apple highlights applications with outstanding design, innovative content, and their usefulness to the user. The applications are selected in the categories: joy and fun, inclusivity, innovation, interaction, social impact, visuals and graphics, and spatial computing.


Apple Pencil Pro: Explaining all the new features

During its recent conference, Apple announced the new version of the Apple Pencil Pro, which has been long-awaited since the last version in 2018. It is worth noting that Apple has provided many features in its smart pen; Such as the double-click feature, tap gestures, the Find MY tracking feature, and others. In this article, here are all the details you want to know about the Apple Pencil Pro, what are the official prices, and when it will be available on the official website.


How to easily edit PDF files on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

UPDF is an integrated program based on artificial intelligence designed to facilitate the management and modification of PDF files. This is because it contains powerful features that are compatible with iPhone, Android, Mac, and Windows. Thanks to its cloud service, you can seamlessly work on your files across different platforms and devices without any problems.


Apple Design Award Finalist Apps (Part 1)

Apple announced the finalists for the Apple Design Awards, where Apple selects the best apps and games annually, and announces the winners at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WDC). Apple highlights apps with outstanding design, innovation, ingenuity and technical achievement. Check out these selected apps.