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Share passwords on iPhone, how to use family passwords in iOS 17

Apple has made it easier for iPhone, iPad, and Mac users to share passwords securely in the iOS 17 update with friends and family or with those you trust, so you and your friends, family, or colleagues can immediately access your username and password for websites, applications, and services. Broadcast. Just be careful and only share credentials with those you completely trust. So how do you share passwords with them?


Apple failed to develop its own modem chip

In this article, we present to you the latest developments in Apple’s project to develop a modem chip affiliated with Intel, what are the problems facing Apple, what are the reasons for it undertaking this development, and will the chip be usable in 2023? Or will the final release date of the chip be postponed?


iPhone 16 is coming with a new cooling system to solve the problem of overheating

Apple is planning to launch the iPhone 16 lineup next year, which will provide powerful performance, amazing features, and artificial intelligence-related functions. This means a lot of heat in the new iPhone. For this reason, the company decided to use a new thermal system that will dissipate that heat. Let’s take a look at the iPhone XNUMX lineup. A look at this system and how it will get rid of excess heat.


A big change for the Apple Watch with WatchOS 10

Users noticed radical changes in their interaction with the Apple Watch after updating to watchOS 10. This is because Apple focused on improving the user experience, developing widgets, and making navigating between applications easier than before. In this article, we will discuss some of the changes that occurred in watchOS 10.


Things you should know about the new Apple USB-C Pencil and how it compares to previous generations

Less than a month ago, Apple announced a new, low-cost USB-C Apple Pencil that is compatible with all iPad models with a USB-C port. Which was launched in early November and is sold alongside the original and second-generation Apple Pencil. Here are the most important facts and new features that the new Apple Pencil contains compared to others from the first and second generation.


It is necessary to update watchOS 10.1.1 to fix the battery consumption problem

In this article, we share with you all the news about Apple’s release of the watchOS 10.1.1 update. It is worth noting that this update serves as a cure for the problem of battery consumption without a direct justification. Apple did not deny that this problem exists, especially after many complaints appeared for the same problem. Follow along with us and we will explain everything to you. Something about the new update


Here is the announcement of the voice chat feature for large groups and the latest WhatsApp news

We provide you with all the information you want about the voice chat feature for large groups, what is the date of its release, and what are the benefits of issuing this feature. On the other hand, we present to you WhatsApp’s position on placing ads within chats, according to the latest statement by Will Cathcart, WhatsApp manager, about this, which is There is a possibility of this happening in the future or not.


[662] iPhone Islam picks seven useful applications

I am sharing with you a wonder that I have used in my life, and the wonderful thing is that it is completely free. Also, a new application launched by Microsoft just a few days ago, and an application that enables you to put a password on applications, and other wonderful applications for this week, according to the selection of iPhone Islam editors.


News on the margin week 10 - November 16

The return of the feature of switching watch faces by dragging, the announcement of the first wireless chargers with the Qi2 standard, 5G download on the iPhone 15 that is 54% better compared to the iPhone 14, an artificial intelligence-powered pin worth $700, and side loading on the iPhone soon. Announcing the finalists for the 2023 App Store Award.


Learn about the feature of searching for messages using date in WhatsApp

WhatsApp has recently provided some developments for users, such as creating a feature to search for messages using a specific date, hiding the location during calls, and developing the passkeys feature in order to increase the privacy and security of users. We will explain all of these features to you in detail in this article.