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[662] iPhone Islam picks seven useful applications

I am sharing with you a wonder that I have used in my life, and the wonderful thing is that it is completely free. Also, a new application launched by Microsoft just a few days ago, and an application that enables you to put a password on applications, and other wonderful applications for this week, according to the selection of iPhone Islam editors.


News on the margin week 10 - November 16

The return of the feature of switching watch faces by dragging, the announcement of the first wireless chargers with the Qi2 standard, 5G download on the iPhone 15 that is 54% better compared to the iPhone 14, an artificial intelligence-powered pin worth $700, and side loading on the iPhone soon. Announcing the finalists for the 2023 App Store Award.


Learn about the feature of searching for messages using date in WhatsApp

WhatsApp has recently provided some developments for users, such as creating a feature to search for messages using a specific date, hiding the location during calls, and developing the passkeys feature in order to increase the privacy and security of users. We will explain all of these features to you in detail in this article.


Autocorrect on the iPhone has become smarter in the iOS 17 update

In the iOS 17 update, Apple made improvements to the autocorrect feature, with the aim of simplifying and speeding up the writing process. The keyboard now offers smarter suggestions and highlights and underlines corrected words, allowing quick edits if they don't match the intended words.


6 new features coming to iPhone users with iOS 17.2

A few days ago, Apple released the second beta version of iOS 17.2 to developers, which will bring a number of new features that will be available to iPhone users in the coming weeks (it is expected to be launched in December). During the following lines, we will review the most prominent and important 6 features coming in the iOS 17.2 update.


What is the spatial video capture feature in the iPhone 15 Pro?

After Apple released the iOS17.2 update experimentally, Apple surprised users by introducing the spatial video capture feature for the iPhone 15 Pro. It is worth noting that this feature will enable you to shoot videos that support XNUMXD for the upcoming Vision Pro mixed reality glasses. Here's all the information about the new feature and a guide on how to use it.


The clock ticking application - supports Palestine

When we wanted to update the talking clock app and give it a completely new identity, we said why should time be boring? We always say: “It's ten-thirty now” dryly and with a monotony that makes you not want to know the time at all. Why can't the clock be fun and interesting, so we developed an app. The clock ticked.


News on the margin week 3 - November 9

X-rays reveal all the differences between the original and fake AirPods headphones, and Apple may acquire one of Disney’s valuable assets for $40 billion, and the iPhone 16 with exclusive artificial intelligence features, and other exciting news on the sidelines.


5 products that Apple will get rid of in 2023. Get to know them

From time to time, Apple abandons a number of its products, and puts them in oblivion as it replaces them with new ones. As the end of this year 2023 approaches, we will take you on a quick tour to learn about some of the accessories and products that Apple will stop producing permanently, and we will not see them from now on. Here are them. 5 products that Apple will eliminate in 2023.


How to get The Wallpapers Club app for free?

We talked about the Wallpapers Club application and said that something as simple as changing the device wallpaper may make your device feel renewed. Many of us forget to change the device wallpaper, and may feel bored and do not know why. In fact, the reason may be simpler than you imagine. You just need a wallpaper. New.