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[555] iPhone Islam picks seven useful applications

An application of the most wonderful Islamic applications, an application that converts papers containing Arabic texts into text that you can edit, an application that enables you to make invoices for your customers easily and quickly, and more than that in the options of the best applications of the week…


BG Remover AI App

BG Remover AI is an application that removes the background from photos, without any effort from you, just let the AI ​​recognize the photo and remove the background.


Do AirPods really emit harmful radiation?

Many anonymous rumors indicated that Apple headphones in particular and Bluetooth headphones in general can cause brain damage, and to make matters worse, a video spread on Tik Tok virally in…


[554] iPhone Islam picks seven useful applications

A conversational application acquired by Amazon, a strange application that makes you visualize yourself talking to yourself, an application to identify the location of the sun and the moon with an amazing design, and more in the options of the best applications of the week according to…


Most of the iCloud space comes from the rival Google

Apple and Google are traditional rivals for a long time, despite the strong competition between the two giants and the criticism directed by Apple in several areas, especially privacy. However, Apple continues to cooperate with Google, where…