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[665] iPhone Islam picks seven useful applications

Learn about the application that caused the article to be published this week. Also, an application that will take you on an amazing journey into the world of art and cultures. The best application for watching and downloading videos from YouTube, and other wonderful applications for this week, according to the selection of iPhone Islam editors


News on the margin the week January 26 - February 1

Low customer satisfaction with the iPhone 15 Pro. These are the countries where you can install applications outside the iOS App Store. The iOS 18 update will be the largest update in the history of the iPhone. Apple has sold nearly 200 Vision Pro glasses.


The era of spatial computing has begun, unbox the Vision Pro

Apple does not want us to call the Vision Pro glasses virtual reality or augmented reality glasses. As it used to, it wants to be in a place far from the competition. It asks us to say “spatial computing” glasses. For us, this is a new era, and a huge change in The world of technology, and for a long time we have not had this euphoria. So let's unbox the future


Apple is rethinking its plans for self-driving its electric car

After nearly 10 years of thinking and developing Apple's “Titan” project, Apple decided to reduce the self-driving features of its electric car and provide an electric car with fewer and more realistic features. This is due to several problems that we will explain to you in detail in this article, God willing.


2024 will not be easy for Apple

Apple has recently faced many disputes and challenges that threaten its sales. Apple must solve these problems within this year, otherwise the consequences will be disastrous. One of the most important of these challenges is finding a solution to the deterioration of its sales in the Chinese market, which led to a decline in the value of its stock. And other challenges we present to you in detail in this article.


News on the sidelines week 19 - 25 January

Forty years is the age of the Mac device that revolutionized the computer world, and a major boost from Apple’s artificial intelligence, and the iPhone 16 Pro Max will contain a larger and more advanced main camera sensor. Apple is getting the first 2-nanometer chips, and adding experimental artificial intelligence features. Generative to the latest version of Chrome. And other exciting news on the sidelines...


Apple releases iOS 17.3 and iPadOS 17.3 update

Yesterday evening, Apple released iOS 17.3, with a warning that you must update immediately. This is because iOS 17.3 fixed 16 security issues, one of which is already being used in phishing and spying attacks. Therefore, regardless of the new features that the update offers, it is very important that you upgrade your device.