• November 05The beginning of the iPhone Islam is the first Arabic website specialized in the iPhone.
  • November 18Open a software repository running on Installer to be the first Arab source for iPhone programs.
  • November 20The first program to modify the iPhone Islam (Coin in iPhone).
  • November 27The first solution to Arabization of the iPhone from the iPhone Islam and the Arabization of text messages
  • November 28The first Arabic keyboard for iPhone is easy to install via Islam's iPhone repository.
  • November 30WeDict dictionary has been modified to produce the first Arabic-English-English-Arabic dictionary for iPhone.
  • December 12Application آJ-Remembrance The second Arabic program for iPhone, the first program produced by the site, and the first program produced for the iPhone with Arab hands.
  • December 21The Qatari newspaper, Al-Raya, speaks in its supplement, Al-Raya Al-Shabab Seventh Issue About the I-Adhkar program and the iPhone Islam site.
  • December 22Starting a project of a program for prayer times on the iPhone.
  • December 26Islam's iPhone site update and a new look.
  • December 28I-Moon program produced by iPhone Islam to display the shape of the moon and the conversion between Gregorian and Hijri dates.


  • 09 FebruaryThe Economic Gazette is taking place Interview with “Tariq Mansour” The founder of the site about the spread of the iPhone in the Arab countries.
  • 05 Aprila program To my prayers Produced and programmed by iPhone Islam, a program for calculating prayer times and azan times at the time of prayer.
  • May 09Arabthaler (ArabtallerThe first full-fledged localization for iPhone and free.
  • May 20Arabthaler Pro (Arabtaller Pro) Professional version of iPhone Arabization Islam and the only professional Arabization for iPhone.
  • 10 .سطسDeveloping a new version of Arabtaller professional program to work with firmware 2.0 (2 Arabtaller Pro).
  • November 29Islam's iPhone site update and a new look.


  • 03 JanuaryIslam's first iPhone program in the Apple Store for programs, and one of the first fully Arab programs is the program I-remembrance.
  • 27 FebruaryA more professional and developed version of the Arabization of iPhone Islam (Arabtaller PlusThe best-selling program in the Arab world.
  • March 24To meet a program Tack life With “Tariq Mansour”, the founder of the site, about the iPhone, its Arabization and its features.
  • 09 AprilIssuing a modification to the phone system files To enable GPS In Egypt, after it was officially permitted by the Egyptian authorities
  • 12 Junea program Do you know? In the software store produced by iPhone Islam.
  • 29 JuneThe production of an advanced iPhone engine (iFlipPage) that simulates a real book on an iPhone environment.
  • 08 JulyCooperating with Maktoob Company to develop the "Maktoob Dictionary" program for the Maktoob Company.
  • September 08Cooperating with a Kuwaiti company to produce a program to teach the Quran recitation (iTrateel).
  • أكتوبرa program The KoranIslam, the first program to simulate a real book completely in everything produced by iPhone Islam in the software store
  • November 05An upgraded version of Islamic calendar program (Islamic Calendar Pro) in the software store.


  • 07 JanuarySoftware update Do you know? In the software store.
  • 24 JanuaryIPhone Islam site wins Hadeel Prize Globalism.
  • 26 JanuaryGame (Your comprehensive informationThe first full-fledged Arabic game on the Apple software store produced by iPhone Islam.
  • 16 Februarya program (This is MuhammadThe first program we produced for the western user.
  • March 21a program (iPhoneIslamSupports the Push feature to deliver website news to the user immediately.
  • 15 Aprila program (iPhoneIslamThe first of our programs that works on the Apple device (iPad).
  • 22 JulyCooperation with the Omar bin Al-Khattab Association in the Netherlands and the work of the iTafsser program.
  • 29 JulyEstablishing a company based in Egypt - Cairo, and adding the iPhone Islam website to it.
  • 07 .سطسAcquisition of any Fad site and joining it to the iPhone Islam site.
  • 18 .سطسa program (Islamic cards) In the software store.
  • 27 .سطسThe first Arabic keyboard for iPad (Arabteller iPad).
  • أكتوبر(I speakThe first program on mobile devices to convert Arabic texts into audible speech.
  • أكتوبرSoftware version To activate FaceTime In the Middle East, after Apple blocked the feature.
  • November 08Global achievement and service activation Face time On 3G phones.
  • November 29a program (Names) In the software store.
  • December 23Update IPhone Islam site And a new look


  • 26 Januarya program (Any 4 Islam Radio) In the software store.
  • 25 Februarya program (Incorrect hadeeths) In the software store.
  • March 01Game (The Hanged Man) The first Arab game to use playing via Bluetooth.
  • March 09Winning first place in the program (Letters and words) In the Qatar University Center competition.
  • 27 AprilThe release of the first application of the series (An anthology of lessons and speeches), And the beginning with Sheikh Muhammad Hussein Yacoub.
  • May 09Game (the youth of the revolutionThe first Arab game with Arab hands that talks about an Arab reality.
  • May 27a program (My personal diary) In the software store.
  • 12 JuneThe second global achievement reported by all the international newspapers is a transfer IPad to a phone
  • 01 .سطسWinning first place in Mobily Prize Developers have the best idea for the Islamic calendar application.
  • 05 .سطسa program (Youssef's fatherA new fun app in the App Store.
  • 10 .سطسa program (FatwaAn application that facilitates searching for fatwas on the Internet.
  • September 12a program (quotation) An application that has a modern design with a set of wisdom and sermons.
  • September 30a program (Speaking timeThe first Arabic clock to speak the time even if the application is closed.
  • أكتوبرThe participation of iPhone founder Islam Tarek Mansour as a speaker at the Arabnet conference in Cairo.
  • أكتوبرGame (Crossword puzzleThe same classic game, but with a distinctive design and multiple levels.
  • December 9Application (IPhone Dictionary of Islam) A wonderful English-Arabic dictionary with a distinctive design and quality for iPhone Islam.


  • 01 Januaryrelease App-back site A site specialized in Apple devices applications, to be an application store for the Arab user.
  • 09 JanuaryWin a game The Hanged Man As the best game for 2011 in the poll by Wamda, superior to many gaming platforms.
  • March 23a program (Kiss in virtual reality) Free in the software store.
  • May 29The first Arabic widget in the Cydia store, and the gadget Islamic History From iPhone Islam.
  • 17 JulyIPhone Islam is an official sponsor For the Ramadan Forum in Dubai.
  • 17 JulySoftware version Lantern An advanced Quranic search engine in the software store.
  • 31 .سطسGame version Scattered letters It is an entertaining Arabic information game.
  • September 23A step forward and another milestone towards a better app store with the launch of an app August-back After many months of Apple rejecting it.
  • أكتوبرApplication version Colorful letters It is an application that enables you to send messages to your friends with beautiful and wonderful effects.
  • November 17Game version Draw and guess It is a dual game where one side draws a picture and the other guesses what the image is, and it is characterized by the presence of a large number of auxiliary tools to make the drawing wonderful even for those who are not good at drawing.
  • December 23MIMV Corporation wins Second place in the world summit Entrepreneurship “GES” within the “Best Commercial Development Project” competition for small and medium-sized companies for the year 2012.


  • 01 Aprilrelease The fifth version of Islam's iPhone application With new features and a completely revamped design.
  • 07 AprilThorough renovation IPhone Islam site And a new view of articles.
  • 20 AprilThe MIMV company that owns the iPhone Islam is holding Partnership with Misk Corporation To be the authorized agent in Saudi Arabia.
  • May 23Launching the application “Photo editorIt is an application that enables you to creatively and easily edit and edit photos.
  • 01 JuneThe number of applications downloaded by the App-returned to the application Million downloads.
  • 24 JuneLaunch an application To my prayers Which is one of the most beautiful and accurate prayer applications in the software store and has many unique features such as an alert by making the phone silent before prayer and sharing prayer times on Facebook and Twitter Please.
  • 26 JuneIPhone Islam is a sponsor for the Ramadan recipient in Dubai for the second year in a row and the launch of the recipient's app Android Store.
  • 27 JuneQibla application in virtual reality arrives Android Store.
  • 17 JulyQuote application up to Android Store.
  • 28 JulyThe application of incorrect conversations spread up to Android Store.
  • September 25Talking Clock application up to Android Store.
  • December 10MIMV won the fifth place in the Samsung competition “Intilaaqah” by applying the qiblah in virtual reality.


  • 01 January Four applications of the iPhone are Islam and they are August-back، the dictionary، To my prayers، Developer Calendar They are chosen within Apple's list of most downloaded apps In the Arab world for the year 2013.
  • 03 February Issuance The application of "steps" Which is the first Arabic application - and the only Arab application - that supports the new M7 processor from Apple and takes advantage of the latest iOS 7 technologies.
  • 28 JuneIPhone Islam is a sponsor for the Ramadan recipient in Dubai for the third year in a row and the launch of the recipient app.
  • 09 .سطسUpdate Islam iPhone application The sixth edition and presentation of the invention of converting HTML code into Native format for smartphones
  • 19 .سطسIssuance Islam iPhone Quran application For iPad.
  • September 26The first Arabic widget release on the Apple software store, Dictionary widget.
  • 01 OctoberFirst release A widget for prayer times In the Apple Store.
  • November 04Engineer Tariq Mansour, company director and founder of iPhone Islam, was awarded the title of best entrepreneur in the King Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah Award


  • 01 JanuaryApplication August-back It is chosen for the second year in a row from Apple's list of the most downloaded applications in the Arab world for the year 2014.
  • 11 AprilE-applicationMy prayers The first Arabic application that supports the Apple Watch in the software store.
  • May 20Launch a keyboard Camelion The first Arabic smart keyboard in the software store.


  • 17 FebruaryIslam's iPhone application update to be synchronized.
  • 18 FebruaryJust one day after launching sync, over 90% of users happen to sync app.
  • April 17Big achievement and a synchronized win in MIT competition For entrepreneurship.