News on the margin Week 2 - 8 December

Dismantling and modifying the iMac and removing the chin, Apple is working on a 20-inch foldable screen, advertising resumes on Twitter, iPhone 1 wants to compete with the iPhone, a big change to Google search, a super app from Microsoft, an Apple car soon, and other news Exciting in On the Sidelines…


7 very important tips for extending the life of your iPhone

In the event that you decide to upgrade and buy a new iPhone, you will find that this step will cost you a lot of money, this means that you need to keep your iPhone for as long as possible and for this in the following lines we will learn how to extend the life of the iPhone Your iPhone will last you for many years.


How to hide or restore the App Store if it was removed from the iPhone

The App Store is one of the applications that is not removable from the home screen applications on the iPhone, but you may lose it for one reason or another, so what do you do to restore it? In this article, we explain all the possible ways to get the App Store app back.


Send messages from the brain directly to the iPhone!

Synchron has made a smart device that plugs into your brain and sends messages to your phone. You can imagine, that one day you think of sending a message to someone, just the mere thought, and the message is actually sent without using your phone, that might be possible one day, who knows where science will take us.


5 tips for using the App Store on the Apple Watch

You can use the Apple App Store on its smart watch with ease and without the need to use your iPhone, here are 5 tips for using the App Store on the Apple smart watch.


The three most important questions about the upcoming iPhone SE 4

Chinese website MyDrivers and famous analyst John Prosser believes that the design of the upcoming iPhone SE will resemble the iPhone XR, meaning without the Home button and it will have a notch, but what about the screen size and type, and the fingerprint?


[628] iPhone Islam picks seven useful applications

An app that protects important data on your device, an app that helps people better understand their emotions, an app that lets you customize your home screen however you like, and other great apps this week as chosen by iPhone Islam Editors


News on the margin the week November 25 - December 1

4nm processors for the iPhone in 2024, a new image sensor from Sony for the iPhone 15, and Apple announces the winners of the 2022 App Store Awards, where the best applications and best games for all devices, and problems in sales of the iPhone 14 Pro, and one of them stole 300i -Von, and other exciting news in On the Sidelines


Apple releases iOS 16.1.2 update

Apple just officially released a new iOS 16.1.2 update for all of its iOS 16 devices, but it seems to be directed more at iPhone 14 devices. This update solves some problems, including compatibility with carriers.


How to cancel an application update that is already being updated on the iPhone?

Have you ever allowed an application to update itself on your iPhone, and discovered the application in the middle of the update process that you do not want to complete it? We will learn more than one way to help you cancel the application update being updated on the iPhone and iPad.


Elon Musk, the new owner of Twitter, declares war on Apple

Tesla founder and new owner of Twitter, Elon Musk, declared war on Apple, because of the commission it charges for every in-app purchase in its store, and the company has stopped advertising on Twitter, but this is not the main reason. Find out the reason for this new conflict.


11 tips to save time on the iPhone and improve the experience of use

There are usually hidden ways in the operating system that not many people know about, here are 11 quick tips for iOS using which you can save time and effort. These tips work on updating iOS 16, but some of them work on the iPad and previous versions of iOS. You may know most of these features and you may have forgotten some of them, but we thought we would beautify them so that everyone, especially beginners, can benefit.


Apple can identify the user through data analytics in the iPhone

Researchers discovered that Apple uses analytics data on the iPhone in order to identify users and whether they agree or decline to share that information. What do you think about Apple collecting user data without their knowledge, and does Apple give up being the first sponsor of user privacy?


Apple is interested in buying English club Manchester United

Apple: It's time to dominate sports, as a new report claims that Apple is studying the idea of ​​buying Manchester United, which is one of the most famous sports teams in the United Kingdom


[627] iPhone Islam picks seven useful applications

A social networking app that has started to spread recently, an alternative app to the official YouTube app, an advanced free video editing app, and other great apps for this week as chosen by the editors of iPhone Islam


News on the margin week 17 - November 24

The iPhone 15 Pro will come with tactile buttons, angry protests in China, the A16 Bionic processor outperforms the new Snapdragon 8 second generation, Microsoft brings back the SwiftKey keyboard, the live view feature in Google Maps, Phil Schiller closes his Twitter account


Apple plans to use Samsung's storage in the iPhone 15

Apple was relying on the memory chips of its traditional rival Samsung in the iPhone devices until the American company decided to break up the partnership starting with the iPhone 5, and it continued until the present time until Apple decided to return again to rely on the memory chips of the Korean giant Samsung


How to adjust the iPhone to suit the elderly

Apple devices are the most suitable for our parents and grandparents. The good thing is that Apple has developed a useful set of tools and settings that are especially easy for older people to use, but they are disabled by default. In this article, a guide to setting and customizing your father's, grandfather's, or any other elderly person's iPhone.


Apple employees are unhappy with the huge expansion of advertising

Apple employees are not satisfied with the significant expansion of advertising and some have expressed fears that Apple will focus on advertising more and this will damage the reputation of the brand, whose goal has always been to provide a distinct experience when using the iPhone and its other products.


How to share your location via satellite using Find My

Apple launched an emergency satellite calling service to help those in danger and did not have any network coverage. You can also share your location with friends and family, letting them know where you are and checking on you, even if you do not have a cellular or Wi-Fi connection.


Important features coming in the iOS 16.2 update, get to know them

Many features were revealed in the iOS 16.2 update, which is being tested, in addition to general improvements to the system as a whole.


[626] iPhone Islam picks seven useful applications

The Preachers’ Forum application, an application that uses artificial intelligence to create unique wallpapers, and one of the most comprehensive applications for creating widgets, and other great applications for this week, as chosen by the editors of iPhone Islam


News on the margin week 11 - November 17

Testing the emergency feature via satellite and its availability in four countries next month, and Elon Musk asking Twitter employees to work long hours or leave, and Facebook canceling the development of its smart watch, and required modifications to the permanent display feature on the screen, and the resumption of the ongoing legal battle between Apple and Epic Games,


Tips to make the iPhone battery last longer on iOS 16 - Part Two

Some tips that help extend battery life when needed, especially after the emergence of new features that may drain the battery all the time.


Tips to make the iPhone battery last longer on iOS 16 - Part One

Sometimes the battery drain issue can last longer after an update, and whatever the reason, here are some suggestions to extend battery life in situations where you might need to.


The iPhone can scan photos to identify and show information about the things in them

When you take a picture of something interesting, such as a certain landmark, piece of art, animal or plant, and you want to know more about that thing, the iPhone gives you what you want, as you can benefit from the content recognition service without having to install any third-party applications .


Apple may launch a search engine to compete with Google after four years

Sometimes allies and sometimes competitors, this is the relationship between Apple and Google, but the common thing between them is that they want to make a lot of profits, and perhaps Google is the default search engine in Apple devices, but the latter does not want that partnership to remain like this, and the question here, when will it launch? Apple is a search engine that can compete with Google.


Apple still has these things before the end of 2022

Apple recently indicated that there are a group of its products that will be launched before the holiday season approaches before the end of 2022, learn about these things that are expected to be announced before the end of the year, know them.


[625] iPhone Islam picks seven useful applications

The Preachers’ Forum application, an application that uses artificial intelligence to create unique wallpapers, and one of the most comprehensive applications for creating widgets, and other great applications for this week, as chosen by the editors of iPhone Islam


News on the margin week 4 - November 10

Apple's value overtakes Google, Amazon and Facebook combined, the first true foldable iPhone, an extra week of Ask Apple to developers, a new custom facility,