A former employee claims that Facebook applications deliberately drain the iPhone battery

You may have noticed that while using some applications, the battery drains quickly, especially the Facebook and Messenger applications, and this is what was mentioned by a former data employee at Meta or Facebook previously, that the company may deliberately drain Android and iPhone batteries secretly as part of its internal tests.


10 useful tips and tricks provided by Apple for iPhone users

It seems that it has become an annual tradition, as Apple from time to time shares with iPhone users some useful tips and tricks in order to help them get the most out of their devices, and whether you are using an old or new iPhone, here are 10 iPhone tricks provided by Apple is not known by many users.


All possible ways to share your location with others

Apple has made it easier to share location with others, and there are several ways to send location information to those using Android devices. In this article, we will mention four ways to share location, how to share location from your Mac, and how to stop location sharing if necessary.


Apple will allow the creation of applications for mixed reality glasses via Siri

It is expected that Apple will unveil the long-awaited mixed reality glasses sometime this year 2023, and in order to make them more attractive to users and better compared to other competing glasses, the company decided to develop a new tool to make it easier for ordinary and non-professional users.


How long does it take to charge the AirPods?

The AirPods have many great features, but arguably the best of them is the long battery life, and with the charging case you can listen for up to 30 hours in the latest models of the speaker (XNUMXnd generation AirPods Pro and XNUMXrd generation AirPods), but the question here is, how long How long does it take to charge each model of AirPods?


Learn the name of any emoji and find out the purpose for which it was prepared on the iPhone

The use of emoji has become common, and your comments may not be devoid of adding a heart, laughing emoji, sad, angry, or many other things, but we may use emoji and it is in fact not what we want, as it is contrary to what we think, but there are some tools that you can use to display their names .


[635] iPhone Islam picks seven useful applications

Artificial intelligence is in your hands through this application, and the developer of the Tweetbot application goes to a social network that competes with Twitter, and an application that offers you a smarter diet to reach your goals, and other great applications for this week as chosen by the editors of iPhone Islam


News on the sidelines, week 20 - 26 January

Twitter officially bans third-party applications, finds a dog washed away in the flood with the help of AirTag, the iPhone 15 will come with thinner edges, advanced features for mixed reality glasses and an iOS-like system, and Samsung announces a laptop with an OLED touch screen,


How to use photography using the night mode on the iPhone

Among the photographic modes in the camera on the iPhone is the “night” mode, which is unlike other modes and characteristics of the camera. It does not require your intervention to activate it or switch between it and normal photography, because it is turned on and set automatically when the iPhone senses the low light around it.


Have you tried the new WhatsApp features for iOS?

WhatsApp for iOS has been updated with some new features. One of these features is the ability to create a conversation with yourself. Is this like the “saved messages” in Telegram, or something else?


New features in the iOS 16.3 update, get to know them

Apple released iOS 16.3, and the update brought some new features, including an improved security feature to protect your Apple account. Here's everything new in the iOS 16.3 update.


Apple releases iOS 16.3 and iPadOS 16.3 update

Apple just officially released a new iOS 16.3 update for its devices that support iOS 16, as well as an update to iPadOS 16.3 and most of its other devices. This update solves some of the problems of iOS 16, including solving the problem of the appearance of green horizontal lines, and the problem of the possibility of Siri not responding correctly, but the update is here at this particular time to support new Apple devices such as the HomePod (second generation).


Benchmarking results of the new Mac mini with M2 and M2 Pro processors

The newly announced Geekbench benchmark results for the new Mac mini M2 and M2 Pro revealed a significant increase in performance compared to the previous generation Mac mini and devices powered by the M1 Pro and M1 Max processor, and here are the results.


Important tips for traveling with AirTags

There is no doubt that attaching AirTags to your baggage while traveling is a must, as it makes it easier for you to track and retrieve this baggage easily, and it was reported recently that some travelers have recovered their lost bags thanks to AirTags.


Why didn't Apple catch up with the wave of layoffs so far?

The technology industry has seen layoffs of more than 200000 employees since the beginning of 2022, except for the iPhone maker, who was immune from this matter, but why didn't Apple catch up with the wave of massive layoffs like others so far?


How to reach the top of the iPhone screen with one hand

Apple is always trying to provide various features to facilitate everything for its users, and because it realized that the problem of the size of the iPhone will prevent the user from later reaching the top of the screen with one hand, the company devised a solution to this problem years ago and called it facilitating access.


Five things you need to know about the Apple M2 Pro and M2 Max processors

Apple announced its new M2 Pro and M2 Max lineup of Apple Silicon processors, which are direct upgrades to the M1 Pro and M1 Max processors, and bring improved performance, better battery life, and features fit for professionals. And we've listed five of the most important details you need to know about these processors.


[634] iPhone Islam picks seven useful applications

A popular app for removing objects from photos is now free, a great app that helps you customize your home décor, an app that extracts links and mail from photos and videos, and other great apps this week as chosen by iPhone Islam editors.


Apple is far behind in artificial intelligence technologies

In previous years, Apple was very late in the field of artificial intelligence, and dozens of companies began to provide impressive services in which they depended on the tremendous development that took place in this field … so where is Apple in this development, and if Apple continues in this way, will it gradually collapse, as happened with many companies ?


News on the sidelines week 13 - 19 January

A carbon copy of the iPhone 14 Pro Max, Google is working on a tracking device such as AirTag, mixed reality glasses at the price of the iPhone, the postponement of augmented reality glasses indefinitely, and Joule shuts down the Stadia platform,


Apple announces a new HomePod headset

Today, Apple announced the second-generation HomePod, and stated that it offers an unparalleled audio experience, enhanced Siri capabilities, and a smart and secure home experience, and made it available for order starting today, Wednesday, for $ 299. It will be available in stores and for customer delivery on Friday, February 3 in select countries. Learn about the specifications of the new HomePod speaker.


Some iOS 16 update users are still complaining about some issues

Four months after the launch of the iOS 16 update, specifically last September, and the availability of many useful features, and after other minor updates that worked on more stability of the system and a solution to the problems and errors of previous versions, despite all this, some users are still complaining about the occurrence of some problems on his device


Apple unveils M2 Pro, M2 Mac, Mac mini, and MacBook Pro

Apple today announced the launch of the new generation chipsets M2 Pro and M2 Max to power the new products with unparalleled power. It also announced the new launch of the Mac mini. And announced the new launch of the MacBook Pro, which contains the M2 Pro and M2 Max chipsets, which make it the pinnacle of intelligence and impressive performance.


With the Apple Watch, you can go back to where you came from if you get lost

If someone gets lost somewhere or loses their way, through the Apple Watch they may be rescued and delivered home safely, and this is through a feature called “Backtrack”, learn with us about this feature and how to use it, and do not forget to share the article so that loved ones benefit It might help them one day.


5 features in iOS 16 coming to the iPhone this year 2023

There are features in iOS 16 that Apple is preparing to present and we are about to finally see them, and here are 5 important features in iOS 16 coming to the iPhone this year, such as later payment service, instantaneous web notifications, and others.


Apple has reduced the salary of its CEO. How much will Tim Cook be paid in 2023?

Apple CEO Tim Cook received about $212 million in compensation, but this time the shareholders decided to cut Cook's wages in 2023 by more than 40%. What is the reason and how much is Tim Cook currently getting paid?


[633] iPhone Islam picks seven useful applications

An application that enables any Muslim to learn the Qur’an, an application that can hide applications from your entire device, an application from Adobe, and other great applications of this week as chosen by the editors of iPhone Islam


News on the sidelines week 6 - 12 January

16 years have passed since the first iPhone, the return of the iPhone 14 Pro supply process to normal, the iPhone 15 entering the trial production stage, the date of the Samsung conference, Apple designing the screens of its devices, fixed buttons in the iPhone 15, and Mac Touch devices,


Apple is working on a cellular chip, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth all-in-one

According to the latest reports from Bloomberg, it is said that Apple will start working on a chip that will replace the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth chip, and may also include cellular functions, and it is expected to start using it in 2025 devices.


Choosing between iOS and Android is down to personal preference

iOS and Android are the most popular mobile operating systems in the world. They are used by billions of people every day and have a wide range of features and capabilities that make them suitable for a variety of different tasks and use cases.