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News on the margin Week 2 - 8 December

Dismantling and modifying the iMac and removing the chin, Apple is working on a 20-inch foldable screen, advertising resumes on Twitter, iPhone 1 wants to compete with the iPhone, a big change to Google search, a super app from Microsoft, an Apple car soon, and other news Exciting in On the Sidelines…


11 tips to save time on the iPhone and improve the experience of use

There are usually hidden ways in the operating system that not many people know about, here are 11 quick tips for iOS using which you can save time and effort. These tips work on updating iOS 16, but some of them work on the iPad and previous versions of iOS. You may know most of these features and you may have forgotten some of them, but we thought we would beautify them so that everyone, especially beginners, can benefit.


News on the sidelines for the week of September 30 - October 6

Apple has acknowledged that there are problems with the Apple Watch 8 and Apple Watch Ultra mic, and promises an update soon to solve the problem, 4K quality viewing on YouTube will be with a subscription, the delay in launching the iPhone 14 Plus, a problem with the new AirPods Pro 2 headset, and Elon Musk resumes the acquisition of Twitter, New leaks of the Google Pixel watch,


Why did Apple get rid of the SIM and replace it with an eSIM?

The iPhone 14 series launched with an eSIM chip in the United States only, but this caused criticism from users who preferred the traditional SIM and this is why Apple published on its official website a number of features that the eSIM electronic chip can provide to users.


iPhone 14 is made in India, not China

China is the manufacturer of the world and it is not easy to dispense with it as a manufacturer, and there are always obstacles and problems that make it difficult for technology companies, especially Apple, in the decision to reduce dependence on the Chinese giant. But Apple has already taken this step and moved part of the production lines of the new iPhone devices to India.


A vulnerability in the mail application could lead to its collapse

There is a new problem that can lead to the collapse of the email application on the iPhone. The problem affects the email application on the iPhone and causes it to crash and the application to collapse if it is opened. This glitch occurs when someone types a certain code and sends mail to you


iPhone 14 The most significant change in iPhone design in a long time

The regular iPhone 14 got some minor improvements that did not make it much different from the previous version, but there is a feature that Apple introduced in the standard iPhone 14, which no one has yet told but it has been discovered and can be described as the most important change in the design of the iPhone since long time.


News on the sidelines week 9 - 15 September

New games using Interactive Island, problems installing apps after updating to iOS 16 and Apple solving the problem, a bug in the Apple website, a standalone security update feature, a developer on Xiaomi devices imitating Interactive Island, and other exciting news in the sidelines…