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Five major upgrades coming to the iPhone 16

Since the iPhone is Apple's flagship product, it is subject to annual updates. This year, the iPhone 16 models will be launched. In this article, we discuss the five most important new technologies in the iPhone 16.


News on the sidelines for the week of March 15 - 21

The iPhone 16 will come with BRS technology for a borderless screen, and Apple launches a website “all in one place” and another to browse applications for Apple Vision Pro glasses, and the next iPad Pro will come with thinner edges than previous models, and major companies protest Apple’s rules for purchasing from Outside the App Store, Apple publishes details about the new artificial intelligence model “MM1”, and leaks about the iPhone 17


News on the sidelines for the week of March 8 - 14

Leaked CAD drawings for the iPhone 16 Pro reveal changes in the design of the buttons, and both the iPad Air and iPad Pro could feature a camera on the side. The new iPads will be launched at the “end of March” or April, and Zuckerberg is underestimating once again. With Vision Pro glasses, the start of iPhone 15 assembly in Brazil, and other exciting news on the sidelines...


News on the sidelines week 16 - 22 February

Launching the second version of Apple Vision glasses at this date, new colors for the iPhone 16, temporarily stopping the development of the foldable iPhone, a template showing the new iPhone 16 camera layout, and Apple launches a new application.


Apple plans to increase the amount of RAM in the iPhone 16

Apple's quest is still continuing to provide the most powerful phone ever, as news has spread indicating that Apple is currently working on increasing the size of the random memory of the iPhone 16 phones, in addition to that the iPhone 16 phones will come with support for Wi-Fi 6e connectivity.


News on the sidelines week 12 - 18 January

The launch of Apple Glasses globally before the Worldwide Developers Conference, the launch of the iOS 17.3 update next week, the launch of the Apple Glasses App Store, and now you can purchase outside the App Store, a problem with the iPhone 16 Pro with a storage capacity of 1 TB, and a serious security flaw in the iPhone 12.


News on the sidelines week 5 - 11 January

The iPhone falls from a height of approximately 5 kilometers, the magic mirror, the continued decline of iPhone sales in China in front of Huawei, and Apple asks the developers of the Vision Pro glasses to avoid mentioning “VR” or other famous terms, and the Apple Vision Pro glasses come with 16 GB. RAM and storage capacity up to 1 TB 


Apple intends to use the M3 Ultra chip in the Mac Studio computer

Some news that has been reported in recent days about the use of the M3 Ultra chip in Mac Studio, and Apple is supposed to announce this during the developers conference in the middle of the current year 2024. On the other hand, Apple made some minor changes to the design of the iPhone 16 Pro and added a new button dedicated to camera application shortcuts.


News on the margin Week 22 - 28 December

Apple Glass shipments next week, advanced RGB OLEDoS screen technology coming to future Apple Glasses, the Tetraprism Telephoto lens on both the iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max, and the head of product design joining Jony Ive..


News on the margin Week 15 - 21 December

That's why Apple launched the iOS 17.2.1 update, the Apple Watch Ultra with a 10% larger microLED screen, the iPhone 16 that will have a new button, the launch of Vision Pro glasses in February, and the announcement of 1.4 nm technology for future Apple devices, and the Snapdragon X Elite processor. Faster than the Apple M3 processor, and the reason why Apple abandoned the AirPower charging device