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News on the sidelines for the week of March 29-April 4

The iPhone 6 Plus and iPad Mini have become obsolete devices, leaks of the iPhone SE 4 confirm its design similar to the iPhone 14, a new artificial intelligence system for Apple that can overcome GPT-4, the design of iOS 18 will resemble the VisionOS system, and a new spatial personality test. For Apple Glasses, and other exciting news on the sidelines...


News on the sidelines for the week of March 8 - 14

Leaked CAD drawings for the iPhone 16 Pro reveal changes in the design of the buttons, and both the iPad Air and iPad Pro could feature a camera on the side. The new iPads will be launched at the “end of March” or April, and Zuckerberg is underestimating once again. With Vision Pro glasses, the start of iPhone 15 assembly in Brazil, and other exciting news on the sidelines...


News on the Margin 1 – 7 March

The ChatGPT application on the iPhone added the “Read Aloud” feature, the Setapp store is one of the first alternative application stores for the iPhone in the European Union, the unveiling of CAD designs for the iPhone SE 4, and other exciting news on the sidelines...


iPhone SE 4 will come with the interactive island feature and a design similar to the iPhone 16

Exciting rumors for fans of the iPhone SE series, as news indicates that Apple is making a set of changes to the iPhone SE 4. The most important of these changes is the addition of the Dynamic Island feature and that the phone will come with a single lens in the back instead of two lenses. Follow with us and we will share with you all the new changes that Apple has made to the phone.


News on the margin Week 8 - 14 December

iPhone SE 4 with an iPhone 14 battery and a new design, a major upgrade to the iPhone 16 microphone to enhance Siri’s artificial intelligence, the Samsung screen team is ready for Apple’s foldable screens, and the return of iMessage to the Beeper Mini system on Android again.


Apple decides to revive its economic iPhone SE 4 with a different design

Apple had made a decision at the beginning of this year to get rid of its economic device, the iPhone SE 4, after the strong collapse in sales of previous versions of the device and the reluctance of many users to buy other similar iPhone devices such as the Mini and Plus, but apparently, The company decided to reverse its decision and reproduce the fourth generation of the iPhone SE


Apple decides to permanently get rid of its economical iPhone SE 4

It was expected that the fourth generation of the iPhone SE would be based on the design of the iPhone XR, but it is clear that this will not happen anymore because the company decided to refer the iPhone SE 4 to retirement before its expected launch in 2024, why? Follow the article with us...


News on the margin Week 16 - 21 December

Apple still sells the refurbished Apple Watch 3, but we do not recommend buying, and Samsung has priority to develop OLED screens for the iPad Pro 2024, and Apple cancels or postpones the iPhone SE 4 and other exciting news in the margins…