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News on the margins for the week of May 3-9

Apple announces earnings for the second quarter of 2024, iPhone 16 models will come in new colors, the new iPad Pro with the highest specifications costs more than $3000, and Apple Pencil compatibility after the launch of the new iPad Pro and iPad Air, and the new iPad Pro 2024 lacks features that came in previous iPad Pro devices, and other exciting news is on the sidelines...


Apple announces first quarter earnings of 2024

Last Thursday, Apple held its earnings call for the fiscal first quarter of 2024 ending December 30, 2023, where Tim Cook and CFO Luca Maestri shared details about Apple's performance, recent product sales, services growth, and more. Apple recorded total quarterly revenues of $119.6 billion, an increase of 2% year over year. Here are the highlights from this earnings call.


Apple announces results for the second fiscal quarter of 2023

It's time for bitten apple lovers! Apple announced its financial results for the second fiscal quarter of 2023. In this quarter, Apple raised nearly $94.8 billion and made a net profit of $24.1 billion, or $1.52 per share. Let's follow Apple's financial brilliance this year.


Apple announces fourth-quarter results for 2022

Apple announced its financial results for the fourth fiscal quarter of the 2022 fiscal year, which corresponds to the third quarter of the year, ending on September 24, 2022, as the company recorded record revenues in the September quarter that exceeded all expectations.


Apple announces results for the third quarter of 2022

Apple announced its financial results for the third fiscal quarter of 2022, which corresponds to the second quarter of the year, as iPhone revenue increased and revenue from other products decreased, here is a summary of what was contained in the earnings conference call for the results of the third quarter of this year.