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News on the margins for the week of May 19-25

The owner of Facebook was fined $ 1.3 billion, and the problem of the green color on the Apple Watch screen after updating to watchOS 9.5, and Apple intensified the recruitment of artificial intelligence experts, and prevented its employees from using ChatGPT,


News on the sidelines, week 20 - 26 January

Twitter officially bans third-party applications, finds a dog washed away in the flood with the help of AirTag, the iPhone 15 will come with thinner edges, advanced features for mixed reality glasses and an iOS-like system, and Samsung announces a laptop with an OLED touch screen,


News on the sidelines week 6 - 12 January

16 years have passed since the first iPhone, the return of the iPhone 14 Pro supply process to normal, the iPhone 15 entering the trial production stage, the date of the Samsung conference, Apple designing the screens of its devices, fixed buttons in the iPhone 15, and Mac Touch devices,


News on the margin the week December 30 - January 5

With the launch of the first activities of the Consumer Electronics Show CES 2023, a device connected to the iPhone to do urine analysis at home, and the announcement of new screens from Samsung and Dell that compete with Apple Studio and XDR screens, the return of the Fortnite game to the Apple App Store soon, and other exciting news in Ali Margin…


News on the margin Week 9 - 15 December

Soon support for sideloading and alternative application stores on the iPhone, and the Microsoft Authenticator application for the Apple Watch will be stopped, and the first beta versions of the iOS 16.3 update will be launched, and Tim Cook praises Sony, and other news on the sidelines.


News on the margin the week November 25 - December 1

4nm processors for the iPhone in 2024, a new image sensor from Sony for the iPhone 15, and Apple announces the winners of the 2022 App Store Awards, where the best applications and best games for all devices, and problems in sales of the iPhone 14 Pro, and one of them stole 300i -Von, and other exciting news in On the Sidelines


News on the margin the week June 30 - July 6

Apple Announces New Lockdown Mode in iOS 16, Steve Jobs Received the Presidential Medal of Freedom, Apple Watch 8 Will Come With Bigger Screen, Apple Device Replacement Decreased Value, Computer Manufacturers Concern Over MacBook Air, And Other Exciting News In The Fringes


News on the margin the week May 2 - June 9

Microsoft's game-streaming app on Samsung TV, iOS 16 will let you transfer an eSIM to another iPhone, Apple's software package that allows you to create a XNUMXD layout of rooms, Twitter is preparing to give Elon Musk unprecedented access to platform data, and other exciting news on the sidelines.


News on the sidelines for the week of April 29 - May 5

Apple may add a heat sensor to the Apple Watch 8, smart speaker manufacturer Sonos makes its own voice assistant, Apple Watch can detect a weak heart muscle, start selling the refurbished Apple Watch 7, attend Apple developer conference, and the new Twitter Circle feature,