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Best Announced Features of iOS 17 (Part XNUMX)

Here is Apple again revealed new features and significant improvements to the iOS 17 update during the WWDC 2023 conference. Here are some of the most important features in the iOS 17 update, especially in the Phone and Messages app that are noteworthy.


How to edit and modify messages in iOS 16 update after sending them

There are big updates to the Messages app in the iOS 16 update, with 24 new features, some of which were much needed. Some of the updates are aimed squarely at competition with other apps, and among the new features is the ability to edit messages after sending or even unsend them. In this article, we learn how to edit an iMessage after sending it.


An app to encrypt messages and photos

An application that puts a hidden message inside the regular messages and you can use it within all social media platforms and messaging programs and anywhere without anyone noticing that your message contains an encrypted and hidden message.


News on the sidelines for the week of August 4 - 11

Apple begins recording the iPhone 14 launch event, a new update awaits for WhatsApp, a decrease in Intel, AMD and Nvidia shipments, the continued growth of the Mac, an increase in iPhone 14 shipments, a decrease in the acquisition of companies, and Apple adjusts the battery status in iOS 16 ,