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Share passwords on iPhone, how to use family passwords in iOS 17

Apple has made it easier for iPhone, iPad, and Mac users to share passwords securely in the iOS 17 update with friends and family or with those you trust, so you and your friends, family, or colleagues can immediately access your username and password for websites, applications, and services. Broadcast. Just be careful and only share credentials with those you completely trust. So how do you share passwords with them?


View all Wi-Fi passwords stored on the iPhone

If you have previously connected to Wi-Fi networks for some places, the iPhone may connect to them automatically every time, because the password was previously saved, but you may need to reconnect, and you may also need to inform your friend about the password that can be extracted from your phone and inform him It's easy, learn how to do it.


Make the iPhone unlock passcode impossible to hack

The only obstacle that prevents hackers, thieves, law enforcement, and even trusted individuals from accessing your device is to lock it with a strong passcode, but this is not completely impossible, there is a possibility to crack this passcode, we bring you a simple solution to make it almost impossible to a large degree, or even impossible Completely hacked...