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How to check the battery percentage of the Apple Watch from the iPhone

The Apple Watch is a special companion for the iPhone, as it is a great way to keep track of and know many things such as alerts, responding to text messages, or even a Siri conversation. Monitoring the battery percentage of the Apple Watch may help you limit some of the things that drain it, and monitoring may be from a far away place. It is useful for you, learn how to monitor the Apple Watch battery through the iPhone.


Can you use the Apple Watch without the iPhone?

Since the Apple Watch is at its best when paired with an iPhone, the question is how functional is this watch when the iPhone is not available, or not paired with it? The good thing is that you can use the Apple Watch as more than just a watch when it is not connected to the iPhone. Here's what you need to know about using the Apple Watch without an iPhone.


News on the margins for the week of April 19-25

The launch of the calculator application for the iPad, the significant decline in demand for Apple glasses, Apple acquires Datakalab, the WhatsApp application for iOS finally supports passkeys, Apple is developing its own artificial intelligence server processor with 3 nm technology, and other exciting news on the sidelines...


A new patent makes the Apple Watch capable of detecting drowning and saving you

The Apple Watch began as a piece of digital jewelry that appeared in fashion magazines, but the company was able to turn its smart watch into an indispensable tool thanks to the very important health features it brings. But it seems that Apple will not stop there, as it has obtained a new patent for a feature that makes its smart watch capable of saving you in the event of drowning (God forbid).


Do you have a problem with Apple devices? Communicating with Apple in Arabic is very easy

You pay a lot for Apple devices, and one of the reasons that make you buy Apple devices is the distinguished service in technical support, so why not resort to them in every small and large matter? Why is it difficult to communicate with them, or because you do not speak English, or do not know how to communicate with them? Simple, it's very easy, and in seconds you will find an Apple expert calling your phone.


Rescue stories made with the Apple Watch

Rescue stories starring the Apple smart watch still appear from time to time, and this time, in two separate incidents, the watch was able to save two people who suffered from heart problems, but thanks to the alerts issued by it, they received the necessary medical care in time to be saved.


Devices that Apple will launch for users in 2024

In this article, we present to you a group of devices that Apple is working to launch to users during the year 2024, the most important of which are the iPhone 16 series and Apple Vision Pro glasses. In addition to tablets such as the iPad Pro and iPad Mini, which Apple will return to issue two years after the discontinuation of this series.


5 products that Apple plans to launch in 2024... learn about them

We are only a few days away from the new year, and for Apple, 2024 will be a different and special year. Because it will reveal the Vision Pro mixed reality glasses, which are considered the first new product category since its smart watch that it launched in 2015, along with a number of other wonderful products.


New design for the Apple TV app, and warnings against using unlicensed chargers

Here is all the information about the new update to the Apple TV application, and all the changes and new features that Apple has made to dazzle users. On the other hand, Apple presents to you an official support document through its official website in which it warns against using unlicensed or original chargers, and exposes you to the harms of using those chargers. Follow along with us


How to use Double Tap to control your Apple Watch without touching it

Double Tap, a new gesture available in watchOS 10.1. As the name suggests, it lets you tap your index finger and thumb together twice, with the same hand you're wearing the Apple Watch, and turn it on without touching it. This means that you can answer calls and browse screens with one hand instead of two, which is very desirable and useful, so how is this done?