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News on the sidelines week 12 - 18 January

The launch of Apple Glasses globally before the Worldwide Developers Conference, the launch of the iOS 17.3 update next week, the launch of the Apple Glasses App Store, and now you can purchase outside the App Store, a problem with the iPhone 16 Pro with a storage capacity of 1 TB, and a serious security flaw in the iPhone 12.


News on the sidelines week 5 - 11 January

The iPhone falls from a height of approximately 5 kilometers, the magic mirror, the continued decline of iPhone sales in China in front of Huawei, and Apple asks the developers of the Vision Pro glasses to avoid mentioning “VR” or other famous terms, and the Apple Vision Pro glasses come with 16 GB. RAM and storage capacity up to 1 TB 


News on the margin Week 22 - 28 December

Apple Glass shipments next week, advanced RGB OLEDoS screen technology coming to future Apple Glasses, the Tetraprism Telephoto lens on both the iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max, and the head of product design joining Jony Ive..


How to use Double Tap to control your Apple Watch without touching it

Double Tap, a new gesture available in watchOS 10.1. As the name suggests, it lets you tap your index finger and thumb together twice, with the same hand you're wearing the Apple Watch, and turn it on without touching it. This means that you can answer calls and browse screens with one hand instead of two, which is very desirable and useful, so how is this done?


News on the margin the week September 29 - October 5

Solving the problem of the iPhone 15 Pro overheating, and this is the main reason, and a problem with the screen of the Apple Watch Ultra 2 after the latest update, and some USB-C power banks do not work with the iPhone 15, and Apple begins selling second-generation HomePod models. Renewed, and a reference to the Apple Pencil 3 in the iOS 17.1 update, Microsoft was considering selling the “Bing” engine to Apple,


News on the sidelines week 15 - 21 September

You can use any USB-C cable or accessory to charge iPhone 15 models without restrictions, find the capacity of the Apple Watch 9 and Ultra batteries, any other Apple device can be charged through the iPhone 15, and strong demand for the iPhone 15 Pro Max , iPhone 15 models can charge very quickly, Apple TV problems are solved through the iPhone 15, and other exciting news on the sidelines...


Summary of the conference to launch the iPhone 15 for the year 2023

Apple's upcoming conference has just ended, in which it revealed its latest devices from the iPhone 15 family, which is not impressive at all, as well as the launch of a new version of the Apple Watch without anything new of note. If you want a dose of frustration, here is the summary of the Apple conference.