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News on the margins for the week of May 24-30

The Apple logo will appear horizontally on the back of future iPad devices, the unveiling of an old iPod from 2003 that was not marketed, the recovery of iPhone sales in China due to price cuts, the announcement of the finalists for the Apple Design Award, and YouTube launches “Playables” games. For iOS, and other exciting news on the sidelines...


iPad Mini coming in 2026, is it worth the wait?

After the news that Apple will not launch the iPad Mini, the news indicates that Apple intends to introduce the iPad Mini in 2026 with the addition of an OLED screen instead of LTPO! But the thing that stopped everyone was that the iPad Mini will not support Pro Motion technology. Here is all the news you need about the iPad Mini, and how Apple started offering OLED screens, in this article, God willing.


News on the margins for the week of May 17-23

The “Allow apps to request tracking” option has stopped, problems with the 11-inch iPad Pro screen, Apple shares the 2023 App Store Transparency Report, the iPhone 17’s rear camera will be in the middle, iPad Pro and iPhone SE 4 disassembly. With a facial fingerprint for less than $500, and other exciting news on the sidelines...


News on the margins for the week of May 10-17

Providing free GPT-4 on Mac devices, a bug in the iOS 17.5 update that resurfaces old deleted photos, an HDR problem affecting the new iPad Pro, and Apple announces the eye tracking feature for the iPhone and iPad and announces other features, Samsung mocks the iPad Pro “Crush” ad, Apple apologizes for this ad and other exciting news on the sidelines…


News on the sidelines week July 28 - August 3

Apple does not plan to release the third generation of the Apple Watch SE this year, the iPad with thinner edges like the iPhone 15, and Apple requires developers to describe why their applications use certain software tools, and Apple approves the X icon for Twitter in the Apple App Store, and the launch of i- iPad Mini 7 this year, and the Apple Watch Ultra 2.


Everything we know about the upcoming MicroLED screen technology with the Apple Watch Ultra

Apple is currently developing an advanced display technology called microLED, which will debut in the Apple Watch Ultra. Although the product is expected to be released in 2025, speculation and rumors abound about this technology already. In this article we take a detailed overview of Apple's current developments regarding microLED technology, and Apple's plans to use it in other devices in the future.


News on the margins for the week of April 21-27

A new feature in WhatsApp to save messages in chat, a new diary application coming from Apple, Amazon discontinued the Halo bracelet, outperforming the refurbished iPhone on all phones, new features for the lock screen in iOS 17, the end stage for mixed reality glasses, and other exciting news in an article On the sidelines…


News on the sidelines week 3 - 9 February

Apple is reducing the prices of the iPhone 14 Pro Max in China, the iPhone 15 Pro without buttons, Samsung and LG are preparing for the new iPad, the iPhone with reverse charging, and a visualization of the iPhone Ultra


News on the sidelines, week 20 - 26 January

Twitter officially bans third-party applications, finds a dog washed away in the flood with the help of AirTag, the iPhone 15 will come with thinner edges, advanced features for mixed reality glasses and an iOS-like system, and Samsung announces a laptop with an OLED touch screen,


News on the margin Week 23 - 29 December

LG unveils a camera that removes the notch in phones, rising shipments of foldable screens and increasing competition, the emergence of a font problem in iPhone 14 screens, a Tesla charger similar to AirPower and the beginning of manufacturing 3nm processors, and reshaping iPhone models due to weak Plus version sales.